We're Repatriating?!

That’s right, in a shocking turn of events, we’re repatriating. We’re moving to the small university town of Davis, California in June!


Why did we decide to repatriate?

Well, we didn’t plan to move back to the US at all. J and I fully anticipated staying abroad, he had even started applying for new international teaching jobs in great destinations like Shanghai and Singapore. But, when I was offered a job in California, we decided that the opportunities available to us moving back to the US (and across the country—we’re both from Connecticut) outweighed our desire to stay abroad.

We’re both super excited to be moving to a biking-friendly college town near so many cool national parks and cities that we’ve never visited. I hope that you guys will stick with me during our last six months in Italy—I have so many posts to catch up on—and onward to our transition to living on the West Coast. In the coming months, I’m looking forward to sharing more about living and traveling in Italy as well as preparing for a massive move; hopefully, these posts will be helpful if you’re planning a move yourself or would like a little nosy into why Italy didn’t fit for us.

If you’re from the West Coast and have suggestions for where we should visit, please let me know in the comments. And if you have a suggestion for the logistics of moving a family and a cat to a different continent, I’ll be needing those tips too!