Foody Farm: An Awesome All-Day Option

The thing with eating out with a toddler is that we are very time constrained -- we need to eat at certain hours and everything needs to be fast. That isn't so easy in Italy since most restaurants aren't serving lunch until after 1 pm and don't start serving dinner until 7 pm (and are often closed during non-meal times). And both of those times really clash with our current toddler-dictated schedule.

However, here's where Foody Farm has come to the rescue. It's open and serving food all day long: from 10 am till 2 am. And, even better, during the unpopular eating times, it is not super crowded, meaning it's much more comfortable if you are dining with kids or sitting down to do a bit of work.

Foody Farm, Florence

Great local food

Foody Farm serves up very delicious local food using fresh ingredients from Tuscany. Using these delicious meats, cheeses, veggies, and grains, the chefs cook up delicious Tuscan food, but with a twist. On the menu, you'll find pasta, meat dishes, create-your-own salads, and really flavorful sandwiches.

meal at foody farm.jpg

For me, the standouts on the menu are the pasta dishes, the stewed Tuscan vegetable sandwich, and the chicken fingers. Now, I know chicken fingers are such a strange thing to rave about, but the crispy breading is packed with spices and the cheese fondue on the side is amazing. I've also tried and loved their black cabbage falafel, which I'll definitely order a full portion of the next time I visit.

meal at foody farm2.jpg

If you are looking for a snack or enjoy a cheese round for an appetizer or dessert, I have to suggest trying a few options off of their cheese menu. Last time I visited, they surprised us with a small sampling of three of their cheeses (the first three on the menu) served with honey and pear jam that tasted just like biting into a fresh pear -- it was delicious.

During one of our meals at Foody Farm, J tried the pork ribs and I didn't even get a chance to taste them; he demolished everything on the plate, so I'm guessing they must have been very tasty. Though I didn't get a bite of the ribs, I was fast enough to snag an onion ring, and it was one of the best onion rings I've eaten in recent memory. Instead of the onion being slimy and kind of slipping out half way through eating it, the onion was soft and easy to bite through.

If you love burgers, Foody Farm also has a few burger options on the menu, and they look very delicious. The chunky cut fries that come with the chicken fingers, sandwiches, and burgers aren't too salty and are nicely crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside.

I also love that they have the option of buying a half portion, so if you'd like to share a bunch of meals or order a kid-sized meal, it is easy.

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Brilliant service

I've eaten at Foody Farm three times now, and all of the staff I've interacted with have been incredibly friendly and have gone above and beyond with the service. From being offered free samples of food and prosecco to being very sweet to Baby ISO, it really has been a lovely place to eat. They also have several high chairs available if needed as well as a large space in the back where you can stow your stroller.

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Comfortable atmosphere

Foody Farm is a large restaurant with ample seating to allow for a comfortable time while dining. You'll find a combination of booths and tall tables, though I think the booths are much more comfortable. If you are tired of walking around Florence or want to catch up on a bit of work, Foody Farm is a great place to sit for awhile. Just grab a small table in the corner, order a snack and coffee, and log onto their free Wi-Fi.

If you look closely around the restaurant and in the presentation of your food, you'll observe little details such as teapots used as decoration, embroidered bees adorning the pillows, shiny shovels used to present sandwiches, and large fake screws used to stack the onion rings atop the bbq ribs. This attention to detail (along with the great food) keeps me coming back to Foody Farm and is one of the many reasons why I think you should try it.

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You can find Foody Farm on Corso dei Tintori, 10/R, 50122 Firenze FI. Learn more on their website.


Have you eaten at Foody Farm? What are your thoughts on strict dining times?