Travel And Expat Monthly Recap: July + August, 2018

Happy beginning of September, back to school time! I think you might have noticed that I've been slowly switching up my monthly recap posts (still unsure what to call them, any ideas?) to every other month. I've previously had these posts each month, but I just feel as though I haven't been traveling or locally sightseeing as much as usual so I haven't wanted to bore you with short posts! Do you mind bimonthly recap posts?

What I Was Up To In July

July was a fun month that saw us flying back to the U.S. (with a strange stopover in Pittsburgh that was great for jet lag) to spend the month with family in Connecticut. We helped my parents start to move house, ate a lot of tasty food, enjoyed family-friendly fun, and finally broke down and got a storage unit for our stuff (want to read more about storing stuff as an expat?). It was a fun month that was jam-packed with lots of American-style fun like going to baseball games, walking to an ice cream barn, and visiting used book stores.


What I Was Up To In August

By the first week of August we were back in Florence and settling back into our home here. We also attempted to find kid-friendly activities, especially indoor ones to enjoy on hot days. While Florence is not the most kid-friendly city, in my opinion, I'm so happy that we found the Oblate Library, which has great views, a lovely kid-section with English books, and a nice cafe. We already been back to the Oblate because it is such a nice place to visit.

We also enjoyed a day out with friends, during which they introduced us to the excellent Ristaurante Industria on Borgo Ognissanti, 45, which is a great spot for pizza.

Coming Up

The fall is such a lovely season in Florence, with cooler temperatures making it easier to get out and explore, plus tons of food festivals that crop up (like this one). We've hopefully got a lot of local travel on the docket for this fall, with a possible trip to Cooksock in Pontassieve and bike rides to Bagno a Ripoli and Ponte a Ema, two communes close to Florence. Later in the fall, we're planning a trip to Sienna, which looks absolutely stunning.

Things I've Been Loving

  • It was great having access to English books from the library, so I spend the month in Connecticut reading the two below. The Handmaid's Tale* is a demented but great read if you're looking for an option.
  • I recently interviewed the chef at Sift Bake Shop in Mystic, CT for CTBites, and the article has been published. I'm super proud of how it turned out.
  • An interesting look into a mother's identity. Baby ISO starts preschool this year and that is definitely shaking up my world.
  • My current favorite boutique in Florence; I picked up a dress with a coffeemaker print in the summer sale.
  • We're picking up one of these* this week so I can brew espresso in the afternoons.
  • This lip balm, pictured below, is my new favorite.



What are your plans for the fall? Any book recommendations for me?