Delicious Gelato Spot By Piazza Michelangelo, Florence

Credit goes to my in-laws for this amazing gelateria find in Florence: Il Gelato di Filo. Located in the San Niccolo neighborhood just a few hundred meters away from the Rose Garden and the hill up to Piazza Michelangelo, Il Gelato di Filo is my current favorite gelateria in Florence. The small entrance to this shop and prime location has actually made me pass by it for nearly two years, until my in-laws treated me to gelato a few weekends ago. And wow, was I wrong to be passing by this gelateria for two years!

gelato 1.JPG

The gelato served at Il Gelato di Filo is all handmade from natural ingredients, and the owner, who is serving scoops each day in the store, is more than happy to tell you about the flavors she has made that day. Another wonderful thing is that she always welcomes feedback and listens to ideas. Flavors are all seasonal, but you might find options such as pear, licorice, coconut, dark chocolate, strawberry, and coffee. I tried the licorice gelato (which is the first I’ve found in Florence) and it was quite delicious. J is very into the coffee flavor. My favorite treat at Il Gelato di Filo, however, is the super dark chocolate ice cream bar, which is sold for 2 EUR. This rich, sweet treat is made from very dark chocolate and reminds me of a very fancy (more delicious and natural) take on a Fudgsicle.

Il Gelato di Filo also serves homemade ice cream sandwiches and mini ice cream cones (made from homemade gelato), which are great kid-sized treats.

gelato 2.JPG

Il Gelato di Filo can be found on Via S. Miniato, 5, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy. It is open from 12 pm until 9:30 pm daily.