Planning For A Trip To Rovinj, Croatia

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One of my main dreams for moving to Italy was to be able to leverage our home to be able to explore nearby cities and countries that we had yet to see. Though we haven’t been able to do it nearly as much as I’d like, it is finally happening! And it is happening in the form of what I’m calling our “Farewell for Now European Tour.” Later this month, we’re off on a road trip to northern Croatia—specifically, Rovinj—and Slovenia. I’ll have a post coming up soon about planning for a trip to Slovenia, but for now, I wanted to focus on Rovinj, which seems to be slightly off the beaten path.

As usual, I like to share my trip planning tips on In Search Of, both to help me learn about a destination and to help you if you happen to be traveling too.

  • Of course, the first place I looked for tips for Rovinj was Chasing the Donkey because the blog is awesome. This travel guide to Rovinj has so much information about the history and what to see and do while in town. The post also gives a bunch of kid-friendly tips.

  • Rick Steve’s is always a wealth of information when it comes to traveling in Europe, and this YouTube video gives a taste of what there is to do and see in Rovinj.

  • Several of the blog posts and YouTube videos I’ve watched have described Rovinj’s great art scene. In my online searching for an art gallery to visit, I stumbled upon Ribica Atleier, which will definitely go on our itinerary.

  • The blog Light Traveling has a really nice, comprehensive post all about Rovinj, complete with food and cultural museum suggestions. I definitely want to visit the Batana Eco Museum.

  • TravelinMad also has lovely, high-quality photos of Rovinj that are making me even more excited to visit. The post also has great beach suggestions, and it will be great to let Baby ISO play in the sand after our wanders.

Do you have any tips to share about visiting Rovinj? I’d love a cafe suggestion!