Expat Thoughts In Brief: I Miss My Friends' Faces


I’m finally giving into the fact that I hate writing monthly update type posts, so I’ve given myself permission to stop publishing them. Instead, I’ve been wanting to share snippets of what I’ve been thinking and feeling lately. I’m planning to post these blurbs regularly. Please let me know what you thinking in the comments below.

Expat Thoughts in Brief: Issue One

I miss my friends’ faces

Weird title, I know, but I was thinking earlier today that though I talk to my friends who live around the world quite regularly thanks to Whatsapp, WeChat, and emails, I don’t often see their faces. And I miss seeing those gorgeous faces! What does XXX look like today? Has XXX gotten a new haircut? Is XXX getting a baby bump yet? Questions such as these are on my mind daily. I feel like through regular conversations, I generally know what is going on in my friends’ lives, but I don’t know what they look like on the day to day. I haven’t seen some friends in person in four years (I really need to get back to China ASAP) and pictures are too few and far between. I’m also guilty of never sending photos of myself (Baby ISO typically dominates the private shared photos) but I think I’ll start sending a few group shots with me included.

If you have friends in far-flung cities across the globe, do you miss their faces if you don’t see them often?