Caffe Dell'Oro: Perfect Spot For A Fancy Brunch In Florence, Italy

When you’re an expat parent, the stars have to align perfectly to be able to go out on a date with your partner. And last fall, that absolutely happened thanks to a visit from my MIL, a free weekend, and an awesome gift certificate that J had received from work. So, we made our date day happen with a super fancy brunch at Caffe Dell’Oro. Part of the Lungarno Collection hotels just off Ponte Veccio, brunch is offered each Sunday on the first floor. This brunch is an all you can eat and drink affair, plus a two-course meal with your choice of seasonal appetizer and entree. It was the most luxurious meal experience I’ve had in many years.


Upon arrival at the Caffee Dell’Oro, we were welcomed by a super-friendly waitress who was a former expat. We bonded over some of the difficulties of living in Italy and chatted about the menu. She then took our order for drinks and coffee and we were invited to head up to the all-you-can-eat buffet.

This luxurious buffet featured several different areas, each with its own focus. I loved the cheese and honey table, which featured local cheeses and a variety of honeys produced from different flowers. Each of these honeys were labeled, so it was awesome trying to figure out my favorite (acacia) and least favorite (chestnut). This table also had honeycomb, which I’d been dying to try but never had the occasion.

The main buffet table had an array of breads, cold salads, quiche, fish, and sandwiches. In my view, this was the high-end version of a typical European breakfast buffet that you’d find at any hotel. It was definitely delicious.

My favorite part of the buffet, of course, was the dessert table. This table had several cakes, creme brulee, fruit, muffins, petit four, macarons, and more. To accompany the sweets were carafes of coffee and tea as well as a bar, where you could order espresso-based coffees.


Two-course Meal

If the buffet didn’t have you full enough, you also have the option to order two courses off of their seasonal menu. As J and I visited in the fall, the menu featured a lot of hearty yet light meals with root vegetables as the star. For my first course, I had the ravioli with beet root sauce, which was fabulous (anyone else absolutely love beets?). I took a bit of a chance with my ordering for the second course since I don’t love fish, but I’m glad I did. I ordered the white fish with pumpkin, dill, and leek. It was so good.


If you are looking for a gift option to treat a family member or friend who lives in or is visiting Florence, this gift certificate is my number one suggestion. How nice would it be for them to be thinking of you while being treated to a super luxurious dining experience right by Ponte Vecchio?

Find Caffe dell’Oro on Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, 4, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy.

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