12 Reasons To Visit Morocco In 2019

In the chilly month of February last year, J, Baby ISO, and I took off to enjoy some sun and culture in Marrakesh, Morocco. This trip, by far, was my favorite of 2018 because it was such a different experience from the relatively safe city breaks we’ve been taking since having a child. The rich culture and craftsmanship throughout Marrakesh took my breath away, and I’m already itching to return to see more of Morocco.

It’s clear that I’ve got a major crush on Morocco. If you’ve not been, here are 19 reasons why you should visit in 2019:

1. Riads

Riads are a Moroccan style house with rooms surrounding a central courtyard. Many of these old homes have been converted into small hotels, such as Dar El Qadi*, where we stayed in Marrakesh. I highly suggest you book a quiet retreat so you can feel more of the culture of Morocco during your stay. We loved Dar El Qadi*—> review here.

2. Meals at the Riad

If you happen to be traveling with kids or are a woman traveling solo, you often want to be back to your accommodation relatively early in the evening, though for different reasons. Here is where staying in a riad again has you covered: they often serve breakfast and dinner. We enjoyed gorgeous breakfast spreads with ample coffee every morning and delicious tajines every evening, which made things so much easier traveling with a toddler.

3. Great Food

Speaking of food, when we visited Marrakesh, I was so sick of pasta and more than ready to eat some new flavors and spices. The meals at the riad and spots we found around the city were definitely delicious.

4. Secret Garden in Marrakesh

Ever since visiting the Secret Garden, one of the best gardens I’ve ever visited, I’ve been dreaming of having my own garden where I can grow hedges of rosemary interspersed with lavender. You guys already know that I’m a botany nerd, but Marrakesh took it to a whole new level ;).


5. Architecture

As you’d expect, the architecture in Marrakesh is ornate and extremely lovely. I would love to bring my architect cousin with me one day to see it!


6. Friendly People

Though my middle and high school French teacher would be embarrassed by my atrocious grammar, I muddled through conversations and found people to be so friendly, especially to Baby ISO.

7. Chance to Learn About a Different Culture

I’ve never been to a predominantly Muslim country, nor had I heard a call to prayer. It was so special to get a glimpse of this religion during my visit.

8. Atlas Mountains

Though we didn’t visit the Atlas Mountains, several reputable tours take tourists to hike the Atlas Mountains.

9. Beautiful Handicrafts and Locally-owned Stores

I was so inspired by the art and textiles made in Marrakesh that I wanted to purchase some to decorate my own home. With the famous souks throughout the historic center and the locally-owned specialty stores throughout Marrakesh, it was easy to find some pieces to take home. Aside from the souks, one of my favorite stores was 33 Rue Majorelle, which is just down the street from the Majorelle Garden.

10. Majorelle Garden and Yves St. Laurent Museum

Clearly, another garden had to make this list, namely, the Majorelle Garden, which is famous for its blue buildings, bright pots, and incredible plantings. And if you love gardens or fashion, then this will be another highlight of a trip to Morocco.

me and j.jpg

11. Beaches

Along the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier offers visitors a medina, a palace that is now a museum, and gorgeous beaches. Have you been?

12. Mint Tea

Another thing that has me head over heels for Morocco is the delicious mint tea. Every spot seemed to have their own recipe, but my favorite was the tea at Dar El Qadi—though I certainly would like to try other spots when I visit next.

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