Free First Sunday Of The Month: Bardini Gardens, Florence

To help remedy or at least improve our frustrated in Florence feelings, J and I have started seeking out fun, free things to do on the weekends. Just before we left to spend July in Connecticut, we found that some gardens and museums offer free entry to anyone on the first Sunday of the month. So when Sunday, July 1 rolled around, we hopped on our bikes and headed out to Bardini Gardens, a lovely botanical garden in the hills surrounding the Bardini Villa and Museum.


Read More About The Bardini Museum Here


The Bardini Gardens is most famously known for its wisteria tunnel with views to Santa Maria del Fiore (aka. the Florence Cathedral or Duomo), which blows up on Instagram when it blooms in early May. Though we missed that magnificent purple display of wisteria, we did catch beautiful blooming hydrangeas, a couple of late-flowering roses, and some giant alliums. This teaser visit definitely has me planning to return in May for that iconic view of Florence's skyline.



Free Museum Days in Florence

Every first Sunday of the month, state-run museums and institutions offer free entry to all visitors. And the Bardini Garden is only one such institution offering free entry. Other popular options in Florence include the always popular and crowded Uffizi and the Accademia. Less popular but just as amazing spots include the Medici Chapels (my parents LOVED this), the Pitti Palace, the Boboli Gardens, the Bargello Museum, and several Medici villas. Because these typically expensive spots are free, do note that you should plan to arrive early and expect a crowd, especially if you are visiting the Uffizi or Accademia! But less visited spots, such as the Bardini Gardens, won't be unbearably busy--the Bardini Gardens during our visit hardly had any visitors when we arrived. This list highlights just some of the other free spots open on the first Sunday of every month.

If you're on a tight budget while living in or visiting Florence, the next free day for select museums and gardens is Sunday, August 5. We'll definitely be recovering from jet lag at one of these spots on August 5! What do you think, would you brave the crowds or visit one of the less touristy free spots?

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