The Exciting BRO Coffee Maker: A Great Souvenir From Vilnius, LT

Let me introduce the BRO, my new favorite coffee maker picked up as a souvenir from my last visit to Vilnius. This awesome coffee maker has been added to my morning artillery to battle late night binge reading and early morning work sessions and makes my morning cup(s) more flavorful than usual.


BRO is the first Lithuania-designed coffee maker and though it is similar in design to a single-serve pour over coffee drip, it is entirely unique with its use of Lithuanian wood and linen, acting as the pour over coffee drip and linen as a reusable filter, respectively. Designed by Emanuelis Ryklys, of my favorite Crooked Nose and Coffee Stores in Vilnius, the BRO has been on the market since late 2016. And since then, it has been winning award after award, which is awesome!

But what's special about it (other than its materials)? Using a reusable piece of linen as the filter imparts a light floral flavor to the brewed coffee, enhancing the flavor of whatever beans you've selected. The flavor of the linen fades with time--it was a bit too strong for me on the first use, but has been perfect since. Even after many uses since my purchase, the BRO and the linen filter has held up really well, and I anticipate being able to use it for many years to come.


BRO stockists

The BRO is available in Lithuania, the US, and worldwide, with more shops carrying it as time passes. In Vilnius, you can purchase the BRO at Crooked Nose and Coffee Stories (or taste coffee made using the BRO), the V2 Concept Store, Italala Cafe, Kavos Reikalai, and any pop up design markets. If you aren't near any of the local or international stockists, you can purchase the BRO online.

For me, the price of the BRO is high (65 EUR), but I justified it as a special souvenir from my former home and the excellent craftsmanship of the piece can't be argued.

You can learn more about the BRO on its website and Instagram.

What do you think about the BRO? What's your favorite way to make coffee?