Where To Eat With Kids In Vilnius, Lithuania

During our recent revisit to Vilnius, it was truly a breath of fresh air to return to and enjoy eating out at the new restaurants that had popped up, while taking advantage of the constant opening hours for restaurants (unlike Italy, where we currently live). I felt spoiled and happy, and my mouth and tummy were definitely satisfied by all of the new and old favorites that I had the chance to visit. And because I was visiting with a toddler, it was essential to eat out in family-friendly spots. Since Vilnius is changing so rapidly, there were several new restaurants, in addition to our old favorites, that had play areas great for kids. With these family-friendly restaurant suggestions in hand, I hope you'll have a great visit!

----> And if you aren't visiting with a kid or happen to have found a babysitter, here are my suggestions for a great date night!

Family-Friendly Cafes in Vilnius


Sugamour in Bernardine Park

This is the ultimate kid-friendly cafe in Vilnius. Note only is it located in one of the best parks (Bernardinu Sodas), it also is built around a mini playground that is perfect for ages 1-5. Sugamour serves coffee, pastries, alcoholic beverages, ice cream, and meals. Try their cheese curd pancakes, pastries, and fried bread (kepta duona). The Sugamour in Bernardine Park is only open seasonally.

Learn more on their Facebook page.



Crustum is an affordable bakery and cafe chain that serves tasty chocolate balls and spinach puffs. The outlets on Volkeciu g and Pilies g have small children's play areas with a kid-sized table and chairs, colored pencils, drawing paper, and small toys. The play area here is definitely better for older children.

Learn more on their Facebook page.


In the winter, Pinavija Cafe is my favorite spot to take Baby ISO. The play area here is very nice and includes Legos, a small play house, cars, and toy food. Grab a table near the play area to enjoy a moment to enjoy your coffee and kibinai while your kid plays nearby. Order kibinai to taste this Lithuanian specialty.

Learn more about Pinavija on their website.

Strange Love Cafe

Although not necessarily kid-friendly per se, Strange Love Cafe does have a fenced in outdoor space, making it a great spot if you want to enjoy a great coffee and pastry with your partner or friend. As Strange Love Cafe is located right next to Bernardine Park, you can also stop in to take a coffee and croissant to go, which you can then enjoy while letting your child run free through the park or at the playground. Just remember to bring a reusable coffee mug* so as to not contribute to too much plastic waste!

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Family-friendly restaurants

Vietnamese Kitchen

When this spot opened in Vilnius, I was so excited for its different flavors. Stopping at the Vietnamese Kitchen for dinner, I always order the pho, which Baby ISO also happily slurps up. This restaurant is great for eating out with little kids, as they have several highchairs and a basket full of toys. If you eat early, like we do, Vietnamese Kitchen isn't terribly crowded, so it is easy to let your kid(s) play while you wait for your food.

Read more about this spot in this review.

Casa La Familia

Casa La Familia opened after we moved away from Vilnius, but it was one of the most recommended new restaurants for us to visit for both its food and family-friendliness. Casa La Familia is a vegetarian Italian restaurant that serves great pizza, tasty salads, soups, and other light dishes. The food is great, but the highlight is definitely their indoor playground complete with a slide, no shoes rule, and tons of toys to share.

Learn more about Casa La Familia on their Facebook page.


Uptown Bazaar

Uptown Bazaar is a brand-new indoor food marketplace with a hip vibe that is great for young families. With tons of different eateries serving food, such as baked goods, tacos, burgers, and Lithuanian staples, everyone in the family will find something to eat. Another great thing about the Uptown Bazaar is their indoor play area with a slide, large pillows to climb on, and shared toys.

Read more about the Uptown Bazaar and other markets in this recent post.



Located in Europa Mall, just a short walk from Vilnius old town, Vapiano is a European chain focused on freshly made-to-order Italian food. The Vapiano in Vilnius has great kid-friendly foods, like pasta, gnocci, and pizza, as well as several high chairs and a small play area. I'm a big fan of Vapiano's cooks making the food in front of you and their ever-changing menu.


Though I don't find Artistai's food to be as great as the other spots on this list, it is their beer selection, Lithuanian snacks, and their outdoor garden that has me adding them as a favorite spot with kids. The large outdoor space is great to enjoy with kids or a group of kids, so parents can enjoy a beer and a chat, while kids play under light supervision. If you're looking for a place to enjoy Lithuanian beer with a kid in tow, this could be the spot for you.

Just note that Sv. Kazimiero gatve can be busy, so watch to be sure your children don't run towards the exit out to the road.

Artistai is located on Šv. Kazimiero g. 3, Vilnius 01303, Lithuania.

Jurgis ir Drakonis

Jurgis ir Drakonis is a local chain opened by the Lithuanian-famous chef, Beata Nicholson, and her husband. With several spots open throughout the city, you can easily pop in for a pizza, salad, or pasta dish, making use of their high chairs and play area for children.

FYI, Beata Nicholson's Lithuanian cookbook in English* makes a great souvenir and has some easy to follow recipes!

Learn more about the opening hours and locations on the Jurgis ir Drakonis website.

Open Kitchen

Perhaps one of my favorite summertime events in Vilnius, Open Kitchen is an outdoor food festival featuring pop-up stands and food trucks from local area restaurants. The vendors change weekly, but you'll find a great mix of food, with anything from pizza to fish and Indian food to tacos. It is great for kids because there is an outdoor playground, tons of food choices, and plenty of other families around.

Be sure to check their Facebook in advance to be sure the event hasn't been rained out!

open kitchen.jpg

Gusto Blynine

I went back and forth about adding Gusto Blynine to this list because though this restaurant is definitely family-friendly, the food and service quality can be very hit or miss and I didn't want to recommend somewhere that you may have a bad experience. As you can see, I ended up adding Gusto to this list because it does have a nice playroom for children and the entirety of the interior is decked out with whimsical  lights, dioramas, and murals. The menu at Gusto is almost entirely pancakes, with both sweet and savory options. 

You can find Gusto Blynine near the Gates of Dawn on Aušros Vartų g. 6, Vilnius 01304, Lithuania.

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