Planning For A Trip To Vilnius, Lithuania

We're off to visit friends and our favorite restaurants/cafes/shops in Vilnius for the long May holiday weekend, and I'm super excited about it. My evenings lately have been spent making meal reservations at some of our favorite restaurants, daydreaming about eating out, and searching Instagram and Facebook for newly opened spots that I've got to visit. I've even taken a few days off work so I can completely relax with friends over food without having my mind drift to deadlines.

As usual, I love to share the places that I'm itching to visit to help you plan your trip as well. But don't forget that I've got an entire archive of posts on Vilnius if you need more information.

New Spots


Uptown Bazaar

Vilnius is seeing an exciting burst of new markets opening including the Uptown Bazaar. This kid-friendly spot is brand new and I can't wait to try it out.

Ice Dunes

Baby ISO and J are all for delicious ice cream, so we'll definitely be headed to Ice Dunes for a scoop or two of their house-made ice cream.


Old Favorites


Hales Market

Boy how has the Hales Market changed since we first moved to Vilnius in 2013! Now this typical indoor meat, cheese, and produce market is bursting with new restaurants and cool spots, so much so that two friends have recommended we revisit.

Pinavija Cafe

My favorite kid-friendly eater is Pinavija Cafe for their delicious kibinai as well as their nice play area. I've heard that they've started serving a more extensive food menu, so I can't wait to swing by with Baby ISO.

Holy Donuts

J and I have both been craving doughnuts and bagels, so we'll definitely be swinging by.


Gaspar's restaurant is always doing exciting things to their menu, so each time you visit it takes like a completely new experience. This was the first reservation I made!


I can't wait to purchase a bag of coffee or two from Coffee1, have a chat with the friendly owners, and enjoy a Chemex.


Of course, we'll also be visiting Linen Tales, Bernardine Park, Uzupis, Crooked Nose and Coffee Stores, Vietnamese Kitchen, and hopefully several of our other favorite spots. If you are looking for more suggestions, don't forget to check out my archives, which have plenty of suggestions for families and eating out in Vilnius. And, stay tuned for a bombardment of photos on Instagram!