Travel And Expat Happenings: April 2018

Travel + Expat

  • Lucca with the in-laws: In early April, we took a short getaway to Lucca with my in-laws for a relaxing trip. Though the weather was pretty terrible for most of the time we visited, I immediately fell in love with the city and can't wait to share my favorites including an amazing gelateria and authentic bubble tea place!

  • Back to Vilnius, LT: The end of April and beginning of May were spent catching up with friends in Vilnius, eating all the delicious food, and generally just enjoying being back in our old home.



  • Finally hearing an update on my permesso: I thought the residency permit process was challenging in Vilnius when I moved there in 2013, but it has NOTHING on the permesso process in Italy. Boy, has it been one challenging, confusing process full of unexpected twists, turns, and frustrations. After moving to Florence on July 1, I'm still waiting on my permesso di soggiorno, but I've finally received an update! I should receive my card by June, meaning that it will be valid for only about 1 month before it expires. That's Italy's system for ya! 

  • Warm weather hitting Florence: After a greyer and rainier than expected first winter in Florence, the spring hit in early April and it hit hard, with temperatures jumping to about 80 F. It was great to finally kick the lingering cold I had once the warmth finally arrived. The flowering season is also fully upon us, so I've been working on updating our balcony gardens a bit with some seeds and DIY planters made from yogurt jars.

  • Finding a cat sitter: We've had a hard time finding a cat sitter in Florence, especially for the summer, but we've finally found someone! Time to get searching for some flights back to CT.

Links I'm Loving

  • Chineasy: With languages, the less you use it the easier you lose it. To avoid this, I'm really seeking out ways to practice my Chinese and I recently came across Chineasy, which seems to be a fun way to practice listening and improve my reading while involving Baby ISO.
  • Working with Duffler: I've been doing a bit of work with Duffler since late last year and it has been a great way to exercise my writing practice by combining travel with different product features. My first article for them was recently published and I love how it has turned out.

How was your month? What are your plans for May? Has spring finally reached you yet?