Travel And Expat Happenings: March 2018

Travel + Expat

March was a pretty quiet one, with most of it spent waiting out the rainy weather, taking long walks (with umbrellas), and gearing up for a busy month of travel in April. We enjoyed digging into a massive pan of frittelle and walked through the beautiful San Frediano neighborhood several times--I'm definitely going to have to visit again and prepare a post! This month, we're visiting both Lucca, Italy and Vilnius, and I'm super excited about both. If you have any tips for either, let me know!


Links I'm Loving

This Tiny Home YouTube video about tar sands warriors in Canada had me really inspired.

J and I are trying to reduce our plastic waste and move towards fair trade, sustainable, natural, ethically made products, so I'm loving deep-diving into Polly's blog, Green Indy Blog.

Though I'm not super crafty, I've needed some fun ideas to entertain Baby ISO on rainy indoor days, so I've been loving this post from A Beautiful Mess.

How was your March? What are you up to in April?