5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants In Florence, Italy

Eating out is something that I've really been missing since moving to Florence. Though eating at restaurants with a toddler is difficult [read the most terrible thing ever at this moment... LOL] the meal times in Italy definitely do not make it easier. Dinner starting at 8 pm just does not work for us with a toddler (plus, all I want to do after Baby ISO's bedtime is relax in bed!). But, with some serious research, you can find restaurants that are open earlier for dinner or even open all day.

If you're brave [read: crazy] enough to eat out with a 2-year-old (or if your child is out of the terrible phase), let these restaurants make eating out even easier for you and your family. And, if you see me bribing Baby ISO with an episode of Fun Fun Elmo, give a wave.

Mama's Bakery

Mama's Bakery is a cozy bakery serving American-style baked goods, sandwiches, and salads. It rates super highly on my kid-friendly list because there is a play area inside and a small courtyard that will be great in the summer. The menu isn't massive, but everything I've eaten has been delicious. The sloppy joe grilled cheese is super messy, but is definitely my favorite thing on the menu. Baby ISO's go-to order is the French toast, which comes with a small fruit salad. Mama's Bakery also has free Wi-Fi and brewed coffee served in help-yourself-style containers.

You can find Mama's Bakery at Via della Chiesa, 34R, 50125 Firenze FI. Mama's is open for breakfast and lunch, but if you are looking for a super early dinner, they stay open until 5 p.m. a few days per week.




Floret is a new find that is open for breakfast, lunch, and early dinners, though the food on the menu is more focused on healthy brunch dishes. This very trendy, popular on Instagram spot is located on the second floor of the high-end store Luisaviaroma, near Santa Maria del Fiore. Its convenient locations makes it quite popular, so I suggest making a reservation beforehand, even if you are eating at an odd hour. Though definitely less kid-friendly than Mama's Bakery, Floret is brightly colored and beautifully decorated, which is definitely captivating for kids. The menu also has kid-friendly options like ricotta pancakes served with fruit as well as yogurts, soups, sandwiches, and salads. The ricotta pancakes were completely cleaned off their plate by Baby ISO, so I'd say it was a tasty order. I had the open-faced beetroot sandwich, which was quite light and tasty.

There is an elevator in Lusaviaroma, but it wasn't working during our visit, so we had to carry our stroller up the stairs. Also, Floret is on a covered patio that does have heaters, but you might need to wear a coat in the winter.


Foody Farm

Are you guys sick of me writing about Foody Farm yet? I'm sorry, but it is the most convenient spot for dinner for kid-challenged parents looking for a decent Italian meal out. This is our go-to spot when family or friends are in town. Plus the waitstaff at Foody Farm are very kid-friendly and often bring extra snacks out for Baby ISO and/or bring his meal out earlier to cut down on wait time. Two thumbs up from me every time.

If you want to read my full review of Foody Farm, check out this post.

Mercato Centrale

Though distant from where we live, Mercato Centrale is another go-to spot when we've got friends or family in town, as it serves food all day and the market-like atmosphere is convenient for everyone to order what they like. I've written about Mercato Centrale before, so I won't belabor it here--but it is definitely worth a stop if you are looking to eat before 8 p.m.



Ok, ok, aperitivo isn't a restaurant, but it is offered at many bars and restaurants throughout Florence (as well as elsewhere in Italy). Aperitivo is a drink served with a light meal, often a buffet, that occurs after work but before dinner--remember that Italians typically work later into the evening than Americans, often ending around 7 p.m. This makes aperitivo with kids great for several reasons: it is served earlier (around 6 or 7 p.m.), it is often buffet-style, and adults get to enjoy a drink! Aperitivo is also not super expensive and a kid could definitely fill up on the food served, though an adult may want to eat a bit more later.

Cafes that I like for aperitivo are Serafini (located on Via Gioberti, 168/red, 50121 Firenze FI), Bottega di Pasticceria (located on Lungarno Francesco Ferrucci, 9c Rosso, 50126 Firenze FI), and Rimani Caffetteria (Viale Europa, 128, 50126 Firenze FI).

Where else do you suggest for aperitivo in Florence? I'd love to find somewhere new! Or, do you have any other suggestions for kid-friendly restaurants in Florence?

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