Planning For A Trip To Marrakesh, Morocco

Morocco is like nowhere I've ever been before and I'm so excited to get to experience it this week. We are off to Marrakesh tomorrow and will stay through the week for our annual February vacation. If you have any tips, I'd love to know!

As usual, I like to share my trip planning tips on In Search Of, both to help me learn about a destination and to help you if you happen to be traveling too.

The blog that I've been reading non-stop in preparation for a toddler-friendly trip to Marrakesh is Marocmama. The information provided is excellent and since the whole blog is focused on enjoying Morocco with kids, it provides such wonderful tips and unusual (but great) suggestions. Who would know that gas stations have great playgrounds in Marrakesh?!

I'm really looking forward to eating food that isn't pasta and pizza--tajines and couscous are going to be a flavorful treat! I'm really hoping to try Nomad, which seems to have a great menu and comes recommended by We Are Travel Girls.

Local Adventurer shared a great post of general tips for Morocco, and as this is my first time traveling to a country with unsafe drinking water with Baby ISO, I'm definitely thinking a lot about his health in preparation of our trip.

I'm not sure of the schedule, but supposedly Cafe Clock offers storytelling evenings geared for kids that are held in English. I'm sure Baby ISO would be enthralled with story time and I'd love to learn more about Moroccan culture through the traditional stories!

Have you been to Marrakesh? Do you have any tips to share?

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