Tips For Attending The Milan Coffee Festival

The first weekend in December, we took off for a little excursion to Milan for a mix of sightseeing, food, friends, and the Milan Coffee Festival. If you’re a long-time reader of ISO, you know I love coffee. So when I saw tickets pop up for the Milan Coffee Festival, I jumped right on it and purchased us tickets for the Saturday morning session.


Tips for Attending a Coffee Festival

Arrive early

I’m so glad we chose to attend the morning session because that is when I’m craving coffee the most, and bonus, the crowds don’t turn up until later in the day. The later we got into the morning, the more crowded the festival became, so it was nice to be able to have visited all of the booths without having to jostle to the front of the crowds. Arriving early also gives you ample time to talk to the roasters, cafe owners, and baristas about the different beans and brewing methods.


Grab a bag

We found it easy to miss the canvas totes (pictured above) at the entrance and only grabbed ours on the way out. So, keep your eyes out upon entrance for the canvas totes to store your purchases and swag.


Skip coffee beforehand

I know, you can’t skip your morning coffee—but you will definitely be thanking me when you get to enjoy several free cups of coffee at the coffee festival without fear of being too jittery. Too much coffee is never a good idea.


Kids can enjoy too

Baby ISO (3.5 yrs) and our friends’ son (same age) enjoyed the less crowded visit to the coffee festival too. They had fun holding the free swag and there are tasting samples besides coffee to give them. For example, at the Milan Coffee Festival 2018, Baby ISO enjoyed several glasses of lemonade and a few sweet brioche that he ate sans the handmade coffee ice cream that it was paired with.


Pick up free samples

Aside from coffee and limited snacks, there were several free products to take home—another great reason to arrive early. We picked up a few insulated glasses and travel mugs, stickers, pins, and candy.

Overall, the Milan Coffee Festival was good fun, even with a preschooler in tow. I loved learning more about the cafes and roasters that visited, seeing art related to coffee, and watching the talented baristas at work. I thought the ticket price was also reasonable with all of the coffee and free items that we received. If you are visiting a coffee festival with a child, be sure to arrive early, bring a few snacks, and be aware that you’ll not be able to stay all day ;)

You can find out more about the Milan Coffee Festival here. You can check out if there is a similar coffee festival in your area here. Vilnius, my old wonderful home, is having a coffee festival this month; learn more about it here.

Have you been to a coffee festival before? Would you like to?