Planning A Trip To Siena, Italy


Before our move from Vilnius to Florence, one of our neighbors in Vilnius raved and raved about Siena—so Siena’s been on my to-visit list for awhile. We’re making this trip happen next week, and I’m dreaming of a relaxing long weekend with coffee on Piazza del Campo, playing spot the animal with Baby ISO, and touring the Duomo di Siena.

As usual, I like to share my trip planning tips on In Search Of, both to help me learn about a destination and to help you if you happen to be traveling too.

This Sienna guide from Italy Magazine has pointed me in the direction of Pasticcerie Sinatti, where I’m really hoping to find some of Siena’s famed almond cookies, ricciarelli.

This New York Times 36 hours article has a great overview of the major sights to see while in Sienna, and at the top of my list is the Duomo di Siena, which looks amazing (check out the photos online!).

My favorite article about Sienna is from Mummy Travels, and although her trip happened to be child-free, she provides great suggestions for visiting with a kid. She writes in depth about the different animals representing the different districts of the old city of Siena, so I’m hoping to put together some kind of coloring sheet for Baby ISO to play I Spy while we walk around.

I’ve already read the chapter in the Rick Steves Guide to Florence and Tuscany*, which has the best information about arriving by train from Florence. As we don’t have a car, public transport is how we do pretty much everything, so knowing in advance to prepare for a long trip up escalators from the train station lets me know that we need to pack light and plan to fold up our stroller.

This post from Gracefully Global also shares her gorgeous views from Torre del Mangia in Siena, which I definitely want to climb.

Have you been to Siena before? Do you have any tips?