Packed Brewery In Salem, Connecticut: Fox Farm Brewery

Who else ate and drank their way through Christmas vacation? It can't be just me! One destination in particular was on must-visit list while I was back in Connecticut: Fox Farm Brewery, located in the same town--Salem--that I grew up in. Lacking even a high school, Salem (not to be confused with Salem, MA home of the Witch Trials) definitely did not have a lot to do. That is... not until now. Opened in 2017 by a couple of my former classmates (read an interview with one of the owners here!), Fox Farm Brewery has added a much needed place for local adults (and their kids) to hang out.


Did I mention that Salem is a small town? The population size is only about 4,000. So, when my dad was ready to go for a beer at exactly 2 pm on Friday when they opened, I shrugged him off not wanting to be the first people to show up. But, when we showed up at 2:30 pm (which I still felt was too early), Fox Farm was so packed that we got the last parking spot. The large, open space was full of people waiting to fill up their growlers to bring home or hanging out with friends drinking a beer.


Though Fox Farm is a small brewery that is just starting out, they have a great selection of beers on tap. My favorite bit is that they are open to experimentation and collaborate with local businesses--I even tried a beer inspired by Eastern European kvass made with rye bread from a local bakery. Other beers that I've tried and would recommend if available are the Ashlawn Coffee Stout (made with locally roasted Ashlawn coffee) and the Witch Meadow.


I mentioned earlier that Fox Farm is a great place for local adults and their kids. You might not normally think that a brewery is a good place for kids, but Fox Farm made sure that their space is kid-friendly and even included a toy kitchen area inside. In the spring, summer, and fall, the outdoor space at Fox Farm would be great for kiddos to run around.


Note that Fox Farm doesn't serve any food at all, but they encourage visitors to bring snacks from home or pick up a pizza or grinder from Two Brother's Pizzeria at the Salem Four Corners.

You can visit Fox Farm Brewery on 62 Music Vale Road in Salem, CT on Fridays from 2-7 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am-5 pm.

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Do you like microbreweries? If you happen to be in CT and enjoy local beer, you should definitely visit Fox Farm!