Lovely Chocolate Shop In Berlin


I’ve decided to resurrect this post that has been languishing in my drafts folder for a year (!)—what an awful blogger I’ve been lately!

Located in the Mitte district, the Rausch Schokoladen Haus is a wonderful spot to pick up edible souvenirs or gifts for your family and friends. In fact, as we visited Berlin just before Christmas, we purchased several chocolatey gifts and stocking stuffers… and a few chocolates to enjoy ourselves. Rausch has been making chocolate creations for 100 years and is now on its fifth generation of family running the business. They are especially known for pralines, and they claim to have the “world’s longest praline counter.” The amount of chocolate in the store was truly impressive. Within Rausch, you’ll find chocolate models of the Titanic, an Airbus, and the Berlin TV Tower, which is really fun with kids (as is all of Berlin). In addition, Rausch also has chocolate desserts and a full chocolate dessert cafe upstairs, where you can taste creations such as a nougat mousse mini torte, a Mozart mini torte, and a passionfruit coconut mini torte.

I loved the chocolate we purchased at Rausch and so did our family who received chocolates as gifts. Have you been to Rausch before? Do you like giving or receiving chocolate gifts for the holidays?