Checking In And Taking Stock: September 2017

This month has felt extraordinarily busy and exhausting, yet I feel as though I don't really know where the time has been spent. Sure, there has been work, birthday fun, and a very long daycare orientation period, but it feels like I could have done more this month. Whatever it is, I'm certainly in a post-move funk.

Perhaps my funk is due to the very steep learning curve we are having in our move to Italy (why can't I even get a loyalty card for the grocery store?!). Or maybe it is the fact that J hasn't been paid since June (hey, school, get on that), so our outings have been extremely limited and mostly free. Whatever it is, I'm certainly ready to say good riddance to September.

But the month as a whole hasn't been bad. I recently bought a bike and though I haven't ridden since graduate school, I'm actually really enjoying it. I'm hoping to take it to visit a nearby vineyard this weekend. And it is grape harvesting season, so I've gotten my first taste of a specific, seasonal Italian food I've never tried before -- grape bread used with grapes not suitable or wine (see photo below)!

I have a feeling that October is going to turn out to be a crazy month as well, but hopefully in a different way. Next week Baby ISO and I will be traveling for our first time alone together and in all honesty, I'm petrified to travel alone with a very high energy two-year-old. We are flying back to Connecticut for 5 days (OMG, I don't know how I'm going to manage) for my cousin's wedding and this trip has really snuck up on me because I've been trying to block it from my mind. I really hope we aren't the most hated people on our upcoming flights (please send sleepy thoughts to Baby ISO!).

Ignoring the dreaded transit period, being in Connecticut for a few days is really exciting. I've hopefully got a bit of "research" to do for CTBites, a website I write for, plus I'm ultra excited for some family time. The fall is also a beautiful time in Connecticut, so I'm hoping to see some colorful foliage and eat homemade apple and pumpkin goodies. And who doesn't like weddings!?

Later in October, we might try to do a bit of a day trip, local adventure, or short getaway since J gets a short fall break. Nothing is planned yet, but you'll certainly read about it here! If you have any tips for day trips from Florence by bike or public transportation, I'd love to hear them! Something countryside would be really lovely...


How has your September been? What do you have planned for October? Do you have tips for traveling alone with a toddler?