Travel Month: August 2017

The view from Parca della Villa di Rusciano

The view from Parca della Villa di Rusciano

I won't sugar-coat it; August was a challenging month in which a variety of living abroad struggles all happened at once. But, as we flip the calendar page to September, things are starting to figure themselves out, reminding me that moving to a new country, no matter how wonderful and exciting, is anything but easy. Aside from making progress on settling in, we've been bopping around Florence to take advantage of our new home and remind ourselves why we chose to move here.

Some highlights from August are swimming in our local pool (because it is one of the hottest summers that Florence has endured), visiting San Miniato al Monte with my in-laws, and going on a date to the Bardini with J. Our last few days of the month have been spent exploring our neighborhood and sampling patisseries that are slowly starting to re-open after the traditional "closed for August" holiday. We also took a nice, long stroll in Parco della Villa di Rusciano, which is a marvelous place for a picnic.


Coming up next month

I'm really looking forward to September, which will hopefully bring cooler temperatures, more restaurants and cafes to taste-test, and the start of a new school year. My 30th birthday is also coming up soon as well! I hope that between all of the craziness of a new school year and balancing work with other responsibilities, hopefully we'll have time to celebrate!

We don't have any travel plans on the radar for September, but I'm hoping that we'll have the chance to take a sneaky budget-friendly day trip somewhere.


How was your August? Do you have any travel plans or local explorations planned for September?