Travel Month: July 2017


Wow, July was certainly a full month. I can't believe we arrived in Florence on July 1 and that this historic city is now our home. For me, it still feels a bit as though it is summer break and we are just on vacation. But, it isn't summer break. We've scored a great apartment, set up Wi-Fi, and I'm back at work in my new office.

July Highlights

  • I enjoyed a visit with my sister who came to stay with us for 10 days. We visited the David, saw the Duomo, and went for a day trip to Viareggio, so we could lounge on the beach. Viareggio was such an awesome day trip from Florence, and I'm excited to write a post about it soon!


  • Now, my in-laws are visiting, which gives us even more excuse to walk around in this oppressive heat to explore all Florence has to offer.


  • Because we don't have cable and took some time to set up Wi-Fi, I've been reading a ton more than usual. I just finished My Creative (Side) Business*, which I thought was a really enjoyable, smart read for freelancers and small business owners. Now, I'm reading Death in August* by Marco Vichi, an Italian author who writes mysteries based in Florence. Though I'm sometimes skeptical about translations, this book is excellent and its really fun to read about summertime through the eyes of a Florentine.


  • Surprise -- eating out with a toddler is a bit challenging, but eating gelato out is super easy and amazing. Florence is known for its gelato, so we have been eating our fair share and finding our favorite flavors across the city. Post coming soon!

Coming Next Month

Next month, I'm just sticking around Florence, perhaps with a day trip here or there if we can manage to convince ourselves to explore in the heat. Around the blog, I'm excited to be posting more about Florence, including some suggestions of where to eat, as well as a bit more about Lithuania. Stay tuned!


What is your plan for August? How was your July?


*Please note that this post uses affiliate links for the two books I've suggested. If you purchase something from one of these links, I earn a tiny commission, which helps to keep ISO up and running. Feel free to check out my Disclaimer on the bottom navigation bar if you have questions.