Current Camera Gear And Bags I'm Loving

A couple years ago I wrote a post about my current favorite camera bag. Fast forward to 2017 and I've got two solid options for different occasions and a different camera* than in my original post. A few of weeks ago, I checked in with Instagram (I'm @insearchofs) to see if you were interested in my current camera gear and what I carry it all in. Thanks to all of your positive responses, it seems like my gear is of interest to you!

I've been using both bags a ton, so maybe you'll like one of these options to seamlessly fit into your day too!


Favorite Camera Bags


Pompidoo Lima Bag: For Everyday Use

When I'm walking around Florence, or any city really, I love to have a light bag to safely carry my camera gear while still looking stylish -- I hate that most camera bags are so bulky and sort of ugly. But Pompidoo, a small, handmade brand out of Riga, Latvia, makes high-quality leather bags that are stunning. These camera purses -- let's not even call them bags -- are padded and come with removal padded inserts to make the size right for your gear. The purses come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your style most.

Pompidoo Lima bag review


Though the Pompidoo Lima bag* isn't large, I can fit my Nikon D3300*, my iPhone 4, wallet, house keys, and miscellaneous lipstick, tampons, toy cars, and receipts. My dad gave me my Pompidoo Lima bag for about 2.5 years now and even with near daily use, it has worn beautifully. My only critique with my version of the Pompidoo Lima bag is that the strap isn't adjustable, so it is a very awkward length on me. From what I can see online, the strap on the newer Lima bags are adjustable.

The Lima bag* is not cheap at 265 EUR, but it is a worthy investment and it is a good idea to keep your eyes open for sales, which do happen relatively frequently.

Crumpler Backpack: For Busy Work Days

While the Pompidoo bag is perfect for a day out in the city or an event where you'll want to take photos and look good, it is too small for a laptop or other work gear. That is where the Crumpler Beehive comes in. I bought the Crumpler Beehive specifically for an upcoming solo trip with Baby ISO as well as days where I need to tote both my computer and Nikon D3300* when I'm working outside of my home office.

The Crumpler Beehive is super light-weight and has a padded section at the bottom for your camera gear. At your back, there is a padded laptop sleeve, which fits my 13" Macbook perfectly. There is also ample space for a change of clothes (toddlers are messy) and loads of toys. I'm planning on using this as my carry-on when traveling solo with Baby ISO to Connecticut for my cousin's wedding.

The Crumpler Beehive is about 90 EUR and ships only within Europe.

What do you carry your camera gear in? Do you have different options for different days?

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