Traveling From Tallinn To Helsinki By Ferry

I know, I know, I'm in Itlay now, but I still have more to share about the Baltics, so I'm planning on mixing Florence posts with the remaining Baltics posts that I have ideas for!

Last summer during our multi-family road trip, we took the ferry from Tallinn, Estonia to Helsinki, Finland but I've never managed to fit in a post about it. But, I really think traveling to the Baltics this way is an excellent option, so I felt I had to share! And bonus -- from Helsinki or Tallinn, Americans can visit Russia visa free for up to 72 hours if traveling via ferry. Though we never had the chance to take advantage of this, some friends have and they really recommended it! So, do keep this in mind if you are in Scandinavia or the Baltics!

Inside the Tallink Star Ferry to Helsinki

The six of us boarded the Tallink Star Ferry, which is a two hour shuttle back and forth between Tallinn and Helsinki. This ferry was a very affordable and really nice option for traveling from the Baltics to Scandinavia.

The basic class featured tons of seats (and you could opt to sit anywhere), restaurants, shops, and even a playground. The women's bathrooms were also equipped with changing tables if you are traveling with kids in diapers.

Playground on the Tallink Shuttle from Tallinn to Helsinki

We left pretty early in the morning, and the ferry had a few travelers like us, but mostly business people traveling from Tallinn to Helsinki. The free, fast Wi-Fi and fact that Baby ISO was napping most of the way made it really easy for me to catch up on emails and enjoy the view while sipping coffee.

We stayed at the Tallink Express Hotel*, which I think is a really great option if you want to be near Tallinn's old town yet also want to be near the ferry terminals. I've stayed there twice and really like the bright rooms, great breakfast, and cheap prices. You can read my review here.

After a quick two hours, we arrived in Helsinki and were ready to start our visit exploring!

Helsinki, Finland


Do you prefer to fly or do you look for other transportation options like ferries or trains?

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