June 2017 Monthly Chat

And here we are, our last month in Vilnius has arrived and we just have a few days left before our move. This month has been a whirlwind of friends and packing, frustrations with finding an apartment and bittersweet moments. Moving is hard. Moving is exciting. Ah, a double edged sword.

However, moving to Florence has been about a zillion times more difficult and frustrating than moving to China or Lithuania. My number one pet peeve is people who are incapable of doing their jobs properly or are just plain lazy and so far this is what we've been up against--everything is slower than mud. I've been really questioning if moving to Italy was/is a bad decision and have been feel very stressed over it. But since we move this week, I'll catch you on the flip side and let you know once we have time to settle in. Words of encouragement would be appreciated though, guys :)

  • This month I welcomed some lovely guest posters (and have two more to come!) -- check them out here and here.
  • We also enjoyed numerous barbecues with friends, because once summer arrives, Vilnius moves outside.
View overlooking Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • One of my friends found a great Portuguese bakery and cafe called Uogiene, we enjoyed cakes and pastel de nata there. If you are in Vilnius, you must stop by. You can find Uogiene on Ausros Vartu 11.
  • This month on In Search Of, I also wrote about engaging in cultural exchange while living abroad--we are definitely going to be learning and sharing what we can when we move.
Brunch at Gaspar's Restaurant in Vilnius
  • If you are looking for another restaurant suggestion in Vilnius, you have to try Gaspar's Restaurant; they seriously create some of the best flavor combinations in the city. We enjoyed brunch there for Father's Day and everything was SO good (as always).
  • This month, we are very down to the wire with finding an apartment in Florence, because of communication issues, strange contracts, and limited apartment options. This has been a MASSIVE stressor in moving with a toddler, 5 pieces of luggage, and a cat! Please cross your fingers that something works out for us since we still (as of Tuesday when I'm writing this) don't have a place to stay upon arrival.


What is your July looking like? Any travel plans? I'm looking forward to sharing more about our move.