6 Places I'm Wanderlusting Over Lately

I've been wanderlusting hard lately. I'm not really sure why since we've done a fair bit of traveling recently and have a move and more travel coming up soon, but nonetheless, I've got a bad case of the IWantToVisits. Does this ever happen to you? For food, design, history, or beaches, I'm finding myself drawn to a wide variety of destinations at the moment. Let's see if I can make a visit to any of these places happen in the near future...

1) Marrakech, Morocco

Lately, I've been feeling really inspired by the colors and designs that I see in articles and photographs of Morocco. I'd love to visit in the winter to enjoy the warm weather while scouring the souks and marveling at the Arabic architecture.

2) Croatia

The sand, the sun, this history; I'm thinking we'll need to take a ferry over to Croatia for one of our upcoming trips next school year! One of my travel goals/wishes this year was a beach trip (I'm so not counting Parnu in the spring), so Croatia would be a perfect fit.

3) Middletown, CT

I've been writing about Connecticut a lot recently for a few of my freelancing clients. While researching for these articles, I've been reading about a lot about cool, new places popping up around the state. Several of the places that I've noted down to visit the next time I'm in CT are in Middletown, and though I've visited this cute city in the past, I've not been back recently. It is definitely time for a revisit!

4) The Philippines

I've been editing loads of articles about the Philippines lately, and everything just looks so wonderful. From the super old churches, Spanish influence, fusion food, and great snorkeling -- just count me in!

Them tropical blues 💦

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5) Berlin, Germany

I've been wanting to visit Berlin for years now, but the flights from Vilnius just never worked out for us. Hopefully with either the Florence Airport or the great train connections to another nearby airport, we'll be able to make it to Berlin soon!

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6) Stockholm, Sweden

Though J and I visited Sweden for a day trip pre-baby, I'd love to do a design-filled weekend getaway to Stockholm, a city I keep hearing rave reviews about. I'm thinking a long weekend in fall would be a really relaxing city break, especially if enjoying fika with princess cake!

Where are you currently wanderlusting over? Do you have any plans to visit the above destinations?