May 2017: Travel and Moving Chat

Recent Travel


This month, we enjoyed a weekend road trip to Kaunas, Lithuania's second city. We've visited Kaunas a few times before, but this time we came with a rental car so we were able to see more of the surrounding sights. Though Lithuania's second city still doesn't catch my eye like other cities I've visited in Lithuania, it does have many attractions to offer visitors. And, just outside of Kaunas is a Lithuanian highlight -- the 9th Fort.

Photo By J

Photo By J


Coming Next Month


Next month will be full of packing, shipping, all while hopefully having time to enjoy Vilnius before we move. We have no travel plans since we will be moving very soon.


On the blog, however, I'll be sharing more about our trip to Kaunas including our road trip itinerary. Also, you'll see the first few guest posts that I'll have scheduled to go live during the busiest times of our move to Florence. You'll also hopefully see some changes around In Search Of thanks to the feedback you've shared on my recent survey. Thank you for taking the time to help me out!

Street Art in Kaunas, Lithuania


Living Abroad


In T-minus 31 days, we head off to our new home in Florence...but we have yet to find an apartment! Finding an apartment from afar, especially when you can't speak Italian, is really difficult. I don't know what the deal is, but the areas we are looking seem to be a black hole for apartments and our many emails to real estate offices go unanswered -- ugh! We are hoping to find something suitable before we move, but we've had to expand our search to include unfurnished apartments and additional districts. So, we might end up spending our first night sleeping cozily on the floor prior to getting furniture (assuming we find somewhere!). Despite this unexpected expense, I am very excited to be browsing Ikea's really awesome small space design solutions.


Other than the apartment issues, we seem to have made a ton of progress with our visas and residence cards, which is definitely a big improvement from our move to Lithuania. Let's hope it continues relatively smoothly.



It will be a bit quiet on the blog this week since I'm working on a few behind the scenes updates. Hopefully you'll see everything soon!