Christmas Postcard From Florence

Hello from chilly Connecticut! We're back visiting family and friends for the holidays and it feels lovely to have plenty of extra hands playing with Baby ISO. Before leaving Florence though, we had the chance to enjoy the Christmas market in Santa Croce and the Florentine streets lit up with Christmas lights.

If you want to catch the festivities in Florence, don't arrive too early in December as the lights and trees don't turn on until the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (around December 8). For only a few weeks, Florence lights up with Christmas lights and a beautiful tree goes up next to Santa Maria del Fiore. Florence also offers visitors a traditional German Christmas market (not sure why it isn't Italian!) in front of Santa Croce, which offers visitors really delicious pretzels, mulled wine, and gifts.

If you are looking to purchase a few gifts to bring home, I'd suggest skipping purchases made at the Christmas market in favor of picking up locally produced goods at cafes. My favorite cafe, Caffetteria Piansa, had tons of food gifts including their freshly roasted coffee, and Rimani Caffetteria in Gavinana also had lovely chocolates, jam, and coffee.

christmas florence 3.jpg
christmas florence.jpg
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christmas florence1.jpg

I hope you have a very happy holiday season! Thank you so much for supporting In Search Of this year!