Review Of The Duffler One Travel Bag

I've been testing out the Duffler One travel bag* over the past couple weeks, and I'm excited to finally share a review of this great bag with you. We used the bag this weekend while flying back to the U.S., and I can already tell that it is going to be our go-to as a carry-on, especially since we mostly fly carry-on only. If you are looking for a very last minute Christmas gift or a new travel bag to start 2018 off as a year of travel, then the Duffler One* is definitely it.

When I first received my Duffler in the mail, I was surprised by how small the package was--the Duffler bag folds up into a very compact pouch for storage, which is great if you live in a small space like us!


Another pleasant surprise about the Duffler is its super soft interior. Some rugged bags have a really scratchy lining or no lining in the bag, but the material lining the inside of the Duffler is super soft, so I'm not worried that my sweaters will snag. The Duffler bag also has a really sturdy zipper, and if you knew me in person, you'd know that I'm zipper challenged; I'm always breaking zippers, so much so that I've permanently switched to coats with buttons. As the zipper is so sturdy and large on the Duffler, I'm not worried that I'll break it, or rip off the zipper pull, which is a definite plus in my book. I also like the extra security of having clasps to secure the zipper and pull the bag to make it even more compact.


While packing and using the bag as a carry-on over the weekend, I was super impressed with how much could fit inside the bag, without having a problem fitting it under the seat in front of me. I was also able to shove Baby ISO's toys into the compact storage pouch that the Duffler comes inside, which made it much easier to grab toys for in-flight play.


If it is all in the little details, then the Duffler One definitely has details that will set your bag apart from the others passing by on the luggage carousel. Your Duffler bag comes with a unique number and can be personalized further with little badges that can be attached through the loops on the side of the bag. These badges are a really cool feature of the Duffler bag, as they can show off where you've been or what you've seen on your travels. What I think is especially cool is that you can get these badges, which are laser printed on leather, to say anything you'd like (as long as it fits on the small size). I'm actually planning to get a customized badge that says In Search Of!

Duffler has also created an App that lets you show off where your bag has been. Duffler's aim is to inspire an adventurous spirit in anyone, no matter your activity.

My bag is C/O Duffler, but as always, my opinions are my own.