Planning For A Trip To Berlin

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We are off to Berlin later this week! Berlin has been my dream European destination for quite awhile, but we haven't managed a trip until now. I've been reading as much as possible about visiting Berlin and have made a massive Google Map of all of the places that have caught my eye. Here are the blog posts that I've found most useful in my planning!

Department of Wandering is one of my favorite travel blogs, and since Rachel was an expat in Berlin, the blog is packed with really excellent tips. My favorite posts are this whirlwind tour of Berlin and this post about Christmas markets.

Another blog favorite of mine, Rhyme and Ribbons, recently published a food guide to Berlin that I've bookmarked. Though I'm not a vegan, I'm really interested in trying the cafes recommended in this guide!

With a toddler in tow there is no way I'll be able to do all of these 50 things in Berlin, but I am excited to check out a few options. From this list, I've added a couple of restaurants and sights to see to my map.

Though not recently updated, I've found a ton of great suggestions for restaurants and cafes on a Foodie in Berlin's website. For family tips, I've been pretty much reading every post from Berlin for all the Family. I'm really into all of the posts about kid-friendly cafes and I'm hoping to visit a few while I'm traveling solo with Baby ISO.

Berlin Food Stories is another blog that I've been reading extensively. I love their map page, since it makes it easier for me to search recommended restaurants and cafes near our hotel.


What else do you suggest doing in Berlin? Have you visited during the Christmas markets?