Freelance Friendly Spots In Florence, Italy

As someone who works online, one of the things I was most worried about when moving to Florence was the seriously bad reputation that Italy has when it comes to the Internet. And let me just confirm that that reputation is 100% accurate: the Wi-Fi tends to be on the slow side here in Florence. But, there are some spots in the city that have fast, reliable, free Wi-Fi and are completely work-friendly. And when all else fails -- or you want to work at home -- a Huawei Wi-Fi device* with a 30 gig SIM card does wonders (it's faster than our home Internet from TIM).

Where to Work

Here are a few of my favorite places to work in Florence that offer fast, free Wi-Fi and a nice atmosphere.


Caffetteria Piansa

Caffetteria Piansa is my favorite cafe in Florence at the moment for its excellent coffee, kind staff, super fast Wi-Fi, and flavorful meals. I've worked here a ton of times, and I've tried several of their pastries as well as meals -- all of which I recommend. Cafe Piansa also has really smooth filtered coffee and beans to purchase and take home.

You can find Caffetteria Piansa on Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 51.


Bottega di Pasticceria

Bottega di Pasticceria is another wonderful spot that has delicious food, amazing pastries, nice coffee, and a vibrant atmosphere. It definitely isn't the quietest spot of the bunch, but there are plenty of tables (try upstairs) to work from and it offers free Wi-Fi. If you decide to work through lunch, Bottega also serves food and everything I've tried has been really tasty.

You can find Bottega at Lungarno Francesco Ferrucci, 9c Rosso, 50126 Firenze FI, Italy.



Todo Modo

This is a recent find that J and I stumbled upon last week as we were exploring Florence on our own. Though the storefront is tiny, we were drawn in by the book-lined shelves and totally hooked when we saw the space opened up into more shelves upon shelves of books, a cafe, and nice work space.

You can find Todo Modo on Via dei Fossi, 15.

todo modo.jpg
todo modo1.jpg


Mama Bakery

Mama Bakery is run by an American and Italian duo who bake delicious cakes, cupcakes, and other American-style goodies. They also serve a menu full of yummy sandwiches and salads. I have to recommend their French toast, which is really wonderful as well as their freshly brewed coffee served in a help yourself carafe. Mama Bakery offers free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating, although their is a kids' area, so it might not be super quiet.

You can find Mama Bakery on Via della Chiesa, 34R.



Foody Farm

I've written about Foody Farm before because I'm a big fan of their service, tasty food, and unbeatable hours. Foody Farm has also been recommended to me as a great place to catch up on a bit of work after a meal or with a coffee and dessert. As long as there are no reservations, you won't be rushed out the door, so take advantage of that free Wi-Fi!

Foody Farm can be found on Corso dei Tintori, 10.



Lindt Chocolate

I've not yet worked at Lindt Chocolate, but it's been recommended to me as a a comfortable spot to eat chocolate and catch up on work. Apparently the back of the shop has been recently remodeled and features free Wi-Fi. I love chocolate, so I'm definitely going to be trying this spot out soon.

Lindt Chocolate is located right next to the Duomo on Piazza del Duomo, 15.


Smart Hub

If you are looking for a co-working spot, Smart Hub is a friendly option full of really welcoming people and a very quiet atmosphere. I've worked at Smart Hub several times so far and was always able to find an open spot and have found myself very productive there. I actually enjoy working from home, so I don't go often, but if you prefer to work out of the home, give Smart Hub a try.

Smart Hub's entrance is to the back of a building on Via Quintino Sella, 6. But before you show up, be sure to touch base with the owner via Facebook, so that you can pay him and have him show you around.

smart hub.jpg

Where else do you suggest working in Florence? If you work online, do you prefer working at home or out?