Travel Wishes For 2019

me in Siena.jpg

Perhaps its a combination of my being a Virgo and the oldest in my family, but I love to write goals and check lists. I know most are foregoing goals in 2019 and instead choosing a word, an intention, or simply doing nothing, but I’ve also never cared so much about what’s trending. For me, writing these travel wishes or goals each year and sharing them on In Search Of is a fun digital journal to look back upon, especially since I’ve been writing travel wishes for several years now. And this year, with our big move on the horizon, I’m most looking forward to leveraging where we live for local and further afield explorations.

In 2019, I hope to:

Visit a new country

To save money, J and I are thinking of skipping a February trip and instead taking a nice long road trip for spring break. We’re hoping to visit the two countries we’ve been dreaming to visit since we moved to Europe, Slovenia for me and Croatia for J. I’ve already been researching what to do and where to go—all we need to do now is book!

Explore northern California

With our impending move to the Davis area, I’m looking forward to exploring Sacramento, San Francisco, and all of the other little nearby towns. Maybe we’ll even make it over to Reno, Nevada, which is reasonably close and appears to have a surprisingly cool food scene. I will definitely be sharing guides here.

Visit a National Park

Can you believe it? I’ve never been to a US National Park. 2019 has to be the year to change this, and considering that Yosemite National Park is about three hours from Davis, I’m sure it will happen. [Totally nerdy, but I’m most excited about the trees]

What are your hopes for local or further afield adventures in 2019?