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Welcome to In Search Of and thanks for stopping by! I hope you stick around a bit and use my articles to inspire or guide your travel in the Baltic States and other international destinations.

My husband, J, and I met while I was in grad school studying for a PhD in botany. I was jetting back and forth between the Himalayas in Yunnan, China, Wisconsin, Madison, and Connecticut, where we are both from. A year before my graduation (in spring 2014), J got an opportunity to work abroad in Vilnius, Lithuania, so I packed my books and hopped on a plane with him. Throughout our time in Vilnius, we've been exploring the Baltic States and learning how cool this underrated destination is. Since moving to Vilnius, we've been fortunate enough to visit 13 countries and counting. In August 2015, I gave birth to a baby boy, called Baby ISO on the blog, who is happy to travel along with us. Here are a few posts that do go into some detail.

Giving Birth Abroad
Romance in Narragansett, Rhode Island
Familiar, But Not
Evolution Of My Travel Style Since Starting In Search Of

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Where To Begin

Culture and Food

My academic background is in ethnobotany, which is the study of how people use and think about plants. This long-term interest has, of course, influenced what I seek out during trips. No matter where I am, I love to taste and learn about local foods and drinks. If I can visit any local vegetable markets, take a cooking class, have a tea tasting, or pick mushrooms, that is even better. Below you'll find a selection of a few posts about food and culture:

Mushroom Picking
The Flavors Of Sichuan - A Cooking Class
Cultural China: Counting With Your Hands
Lithuania At A Glance
Cultural Tourism: Good Or Bad?
Coffee Tasting At Crooked Nose And Coffee Stories
Karaoke In China
The Goddess Hole
The Danes And Their Licorice
Lithuanian Names And Botany

Unique Events and Places

Living in a new country or even a new city can really be difficult at first. Because of this, I seek out creative events and classes or unusual places that will allow me to experience new things. I've even started doing this in southeastern Connecticut (where I'm originally from) and have found some awesome hidden gems. I hope to encourage you to do the same in your area! Below are a few posts that highlight unique places and events that I've seen around the world.

798 Art District in Beijing
Beer Marathon
Old Town Mill in New London, CT
Yantic Falls: Indian Leap
1 Guerilla Street Art: An Interview With Yan Kalbaska

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