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Thanks for stopping by In Search Of. Hi! I'm Liz. Never in one place for too long, I've called Connecticut, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, China, and Lithuania home. Much to my family's chagrin, all of this constant exploring was actually inspired by them. Ever since I was little, my family would take yearly vacations to destinations such as Mexico, Block Island, and Chincoteague. These trips gave me a tiny taste of culture and as I got older, I knew I wanted to experience more.

My love for exploring was inspired two fold. The blog name "In Search Of" stems from childhood weekend adventures with my dad. During these in search ofs, we'd drive all over Connecticut looking for new experiences. We'd end up at hardware stores or specialty camera shops, often stopping at a dive for lunch along the way. Whenever I'm back in Connecticut, my Dad and I still take the time to head out on a Saturday morning in search of.  This simple weekend activity and our yearly trips made me love to seek out new experiences.

This love of travel and adventure initially led me to Puerto Rico, Canada, and Guam. After gaining some relevant experience, I jumped at the opportunity to conduct botanical conservation research in rural China. While in China, I met some of my closest friends, ate a lot of amazing food, learned Mandarin, found a wonderful home, and dove head first into what to me was such a foreign culture. And I loved it.

Following China, my husband, J, was offered a wonderful job in Vilnius, Lithuania, so we quickly jumped at the opportunity to become immersed in a new culture, this time experiencing it together. We've since had a son, who we are raising to be internationally minded. His first birthday party consisted of friends from five countries, which to me is just so cool.

All this time spent in different countries has provided me a deep appreciation of different cultures, and I write In Search of to encourage everyone to seek understanding of all cultures, religions, and beliefs. These difference are truly what provides color and wonder to the world.


Favorite travel shoes: Toms canvas slip ons

Where to eat in SE CT: La Belle Aurore, The Engine Room

Favorite small business in SE CT: Grace

Current favorite book: The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht*; The Garden of Evening Mists* by Tan Twan Eng

Favorite small businesses in Vilnius, LT: Aukso Avis, Taste Map Coffee, Crooked Nose and Coffee Stories, Coffee 1

Where to eat in Vilnius, LT: Open Kitchen, Strange Love, Pinavija Cafe, Gaspar's

Camera Gear: Nikon D3300* on most posts from August 2016 on; Olympus on posts prior to August 2016 and some misc. more recent posts; GoPro HERO4* on occasional posts 

Upcoming Travel Plans

January: Connecticut and Vilnius

February: Puglia, Italy for a week!

March: Vilnius

April: Road trip to Riga, Latvia and Parnu, Estonia

May: Vilnius + a getaway to Kaunas

June: Vilnius

July + August: Florence, Italy

September: Bogota, Colombia

*For inquiries or questions, Elizabeth can be reached email me at luyoutravel@gmail.com. If you are interested in reproducing, purchasing, or using any of my photographs or posts in any way, contact me at luyoutravel@gmail.com for written consent.

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  1. Small world as I happen to be from Wisconsin. I bet transitioning from China to Madison was quite difficult! I hope you were able to at least fall in love with the laid back people and craft beer from the area!

    1. Oh the craft beer and the cheese were so excellent there!

  2. Elizabeth. for Christmas Markets you should really visit Berlin :) If you happen to visit Warsaw one day (it's half way between Vilnius and Berlin ;) ) just let me know!

    1. Thanks! We are looking for flights for our Christmas travel and we are thinking about having a long layover in Warsaw. I'll let you know if we do stop!

  3. Here in Seattle we enjoy both the mountains and the ocean. Great area to enjoy our wonderful family wineries too.
    Best time to visit is during July through September.

    1. Good to know. I've never been to Seattle but have really been wanting to visit.

  4. Hi Elizabeth! have to been to the Philippines? If you wish to see pristine beach, I would recommend you to go to Negros Occidental in Jomabo Island, you can "own the island" for some off peak season times like February in the weekdays since the island is a small one and if not in the weekends, nobody is going there. check it out in google, i don't own that island, i am just another local in the area sharing my experience going there. Oh and if you have plans going to Hong Kong, feel free to let me know, I currently work here for 3 years now, cheers! - tamer

    1. Hello Tamer! I've not yet been to the Philippines, but I would love to go. I absolutely love beach vacations. I have visited Hong Kong twice though and absolutely loved it there! It is such a fun city to explore :)

  5. Whoa, whoa, you're going to be in Richmond this July?! I'm sure you may have a packed itinerary, but if not, let me know! :) I'm halfway between there and Charlottesville.

    1. Could I email you chat about Richmond? I have some questions about it. We'll only be in Richmond for about 3 days, but it would be cool to meet for coffee if the times work out!