A Flavorful New Asian Restaurant In Vilnius, Lithuania

Monday, May 1, 2017

About a month ago I received a text from a friend saying that I had to try this new Vietnamese restaurant--Saigon Vietnamese Kitchen--that she said serves great pho. Vietnamese is one of my favorite cuisines (and Baby ISO's) so only a few days after the tip, we stopped by for dinner.

My first impression was that the restaurant was nicely decorated, had a simple menu, and nice staff. The photos of Vietnam and small Buddhist shrine area was a nice touch. When we visited, they didn't have English menus printed yet (they do now), but the waitress was very friendly and happy to explain things for us. We ordered pretty much everything on the menu: beef pho, chicken pho, spring rolls, and summer rolls. Lucky for our hungry bellies, the dishes were prepared very quickly and soon enough we had our steaming bowls of soup in front of us.

The pho was served in pottery by the cool Lithuanian designer, Pho Ceramics, which I thought was a nice local touch and really made a good impression. The pho itself was really tasty and served with appropriate add-ins like spicy sauce, bean sprouts, and lime wedges. The waitress we had also was happy to bring out more cups of spicy sauce to be added to the soup. The soup was surprisingly full of really nice pieces of chicken (J's was equally full of beef), which I appreciated since sometimes the meat in soup can be the more gristly pieces. The soup also a perfect amount of rice noodles and other veggies.

The summer rolls and spring rolls were also tasty, as was the sauce that accompanied these dishes. I preferred the fried summer rolls, because I'm not a huge fan of shrimp, which was in the spring rolls.

I'm super happy to say that there is finally a really tasty Asian restaurant in Vilnius, especially after some pretty bad past experiences. If you are in Vilnius and you are craving Vietnamese food, please go try Saigon Vietnamese Kitchen, because they are a great overall restaurant! If you are looking for Korean, try Taste: JHK and DD's Place, which also is tasty, but definitely more pricey.

You can find Saigon Vietnamese Kitchen on Jaksto g. 7 (off of Gedimino). Learn more on their website.

Where else have you tried recently in Vilnius? Do you like Vietnamese food?


  1. That bowl is adorable! I want 4 for my kitchen!

    1. The designer sells them on Etsy as well as local stores here. I think she ships world wide so you should totally check it out!