Where To Find Healthy Food In Vilnius

Monday, March 6, 2017

This weekend has been full of junk food because of the delicious street food at the Kaziukas festival. I have a particular weakness for these amazing jam sweetbreads that look like pies! To balance things out a bit and add back in the veggies, I've gotta have a healthy week. Luckily, among the potatoes stuffed with meat and topped with cream sauce, Vilnius has some wonderful healthy restaurants.


J and I found Vegafe our first year in Vilnius when we were dying for something a bit different. The restaurant on Augustijonu g. 2, near the Town Hall Square, is also a yoga studio, so guests must take of their shoes and many tables have cozy floor seating. With the no shoes cozy seating, and Tibetan music, from the second you enter, it feels like you've left Lithuania.

The food is what I'd call Tibetan vegetarian and it is wonderful. The chickpea meatballs in a red sauce is a family favorite, as is the hummus platter. They also have a large offering of vegan food, so if you have dietary restrictions against dairy, this is a perfect option.

Vegan Raw House

Though the raw diet is something I don't necessary understand, I can absolutely get behind fresh, healthy, local produce. Vegan Raw House on Rudninku g. 12 is a raw, vegan restaurant severing lovely fresh vegetables.

A few weeks back, the kind owners invited me to their reopening night, which was a wonderful chance to taste some incredible dishes. My favorites were the delicate veggie rolls stuffed with herbs and the naughty tasting coconut raw balls that tasted just like raffaello candies. So good!

The veggie roll ups are a really excellent snack that make for a healthy treat -- something I'm in need of this week.


Maghrib, located in Uzupis, is a great option for someone wanting to eat vegetarian while out with a group of meat-eaters. Though the menu is pretty small, Maghrib really offers something for everyone. I'm a big fan of their chickpea and vegetable tagine. Their fig, cheese, and bread appetizer is also delicious.

Where else do you suggest eating healthy while in Vilnius?


  1. One thing I miss about big(ger) cities are the food options. There isn't much to choose from here, and most of it is all the same anyways. :(

    1. Can you get the ingredients to attempt to cook different things at home? We have a harder time in the winter, but the produce available in the summer is great!

  2. We went to the vegetarian restarant Namai this weekend (on Subačiaus), and I wanted to tell you about it. The food was really healthy and good, and they have a block table for kiddos. -Jessica

    1. I walked by that restaurant the other day and was wondering about it. Good to hear that it was good and that it has a block table!