Where To Eat + Shop In Bari, Italy

Monday, March 13, 2017

Our trip to Bari was a bright ray of sunshine that we really needed during the long Lithuanian winter. The warm weather, beautiful buildings, great food, and lively atmosphere put a smile on my face and gave me the endurance to survive the rest of the winter. One of the best things to do in Bari is wander the city and enjoy the affordable local food including the fabulous street food.

Keep in mind that in Bari, as in many other places in Italy, restaurants open around 12 for lunch and close in the afternoon, then reopen again around 6 or 7 pm. This can be difficult when traveling with a perpetually hungry toddler, so we opted to snack a lot when out and cook dinner at home. In general, food prices were inexpensive -- we even ordered a pizza to go for 3.50 EUR!

Where to eat:

Pasticceria Boccia: Located near our comfortable Airbnb apartment rental, Pasticceria Boccia seemed to be a local hang out. Coffee lovers would belly-up to the bar to order an espresso and a fluffy, sweet brioche. The meringues were also amazing and had a surprising number of flavors. The staff were super helpful, kind, and friendly and the prices were great. Find Pasticceria Boccia on C.so Sonnio, Bari.

Pasticceria Portoghese: Located in the old town, Pasticceria Portoghese is a delicious bakery selling cookies and other Portuguese sweets. The cookie sandwiches were delicious and melted in the mouth. Pasticceria Portoghese is located on Via Giovanni Modugno 29D.

Pasticceria and Bistro Salvatore Petriella: Located in one of the several stunning opera buildings in Bari, this pasticceria was seriously to die for. Though a bit pricier than elsewhere, the dainty cakes were beautiful and incredibly tasty. I have to suggest the pistachio desserts and pistachio filled croissant -- so good. The interior of the cafe was beautiful, making it a perfect place for a date, and the outdoor seating was ample enough for relaxing while people-watching. They also have sandwiches and light lunch options. Stop by for amazing treats at Via Fanelli, 207, 70125 Bari, Italy.

Panificio Fiore: Panificio Fiore is a little stand-up shop for homemade Apulian specialties. From focaccia to fried cornbread and spinach frittatas, Panificio Fiore was a perfect stop for a quick lunch. The woman running the shop reminded me of a stereotypical Italian grandmother and she even said "mamma mia" when she touched something hot. It was wonderful! Find them on Str. Palazzo di Città, 38, 70122 Bari, Italy.


Gadi: Gadi is a delicious gelato popsicle shop with numerous dairy-free options. The best thing though, is that the pops can be dipped into a fountain of melted dark chocolate and subsequently rolled in nuts or desiccated coconut. They also have swirl your own soft serve gelato and other mix-ins. Via Niccolò Piccinni, 14, 70122 Bari, Italy.


Gelateria Gentile: What would a trip to Italy be if you skipped traditional gelato? Located right across from the beautiful Castello Normanno Svevo, Gelateria Gentile served very rich, boldly flavored gelatos. The pistachio was really good, as was the regular chocolate (the dark chocolate was a bit too strong for me). They also featured numerous lactose-free gelato options. Find it at Piazza Federico II di Svevia, 34, 70122 Bari, Italy.

Where to shop:

As I mentioned in my last post about Bari, the city was surprisingly large and featured a huge amount of shopping. Think major brand names like H&M, the Disney Store, Zara, United Colors of Benetton, Sephora, and high-end shops way, way out of my budget. But those stores aren't my focus when shopping at home or while traveling; I'm all about the local stores. While I don't generally shop a lot, I did find two wonderful stores.

Fuecu: Fuecu is a gorgeous shoe store selling handmade Italian shoes and when I visited, had amazing sales. Stop by their shop on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 72.

Citta del Sole Bari: When traveling with kids, it becomes a must to stop into at least one toy store when traveling. It is even fun for us adults to check out the cool toys available in different countries, and perhaps make a sneaky purchase to reveal during the flight (what kid doesn't love a new toy). Citta del Sole featured a section with children's books in Italian, games, plush toys for babies, manipulatives for toddlers, and activity books and games for older children. It also had a great selection of plastic animals. Find Citta del Sole on Via Nicolò Putignani, 14/A, 70121 Bari, Italy.

Where else do you suggest eating in Bari? What is your favorite Italian street food? 

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