Where to eat in Tallinn, Estonia

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

One of my favorite ways to travel and learn about culture is through food. No matter how long or short your trip, you can always find somewhere to taste the local cuisine or sample an imported delight. If you are hungry in Tallinn, here are six wonderful and surprisingly affordable places to eat in Tallinn.

Ribe Restaurant

Ribe is an amazing restaurant in Tallinn's old town, just off of the main square. Ribe serves high quality European food in a really beautiful atmosphere. I dined alone at Ribe because J was in Tallinn for work, and the staff were super nice and attentive. I enjoyed a delicious pumpkin salad and really amazing lamb. I highly recommend a meal at Ribe when you visit Tallinn.

Vene 7, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

Lendav Taldrik

We ate at the Indian restaurant Lendav Taldrik during our multifamily road trip through the Baltics. I thought that the food was delicious and was really happy to be eating something a bit spicy! The food is really for sharing, so if you do visit Lendav Taldrik, don't order too much! Lendav Taldrik is located in Building E of the Telliskivi Creative City.

Telliskivi 60A, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia

Rataskaevu 16

Rataskaevu 16 is J's favorite restaurant, perhaps of all time. On our most recently visit to Tallinn, we had made reservations to eat here as our special Thanksgiving meal, but I unfortunately was sick and couldn't go. I forced J to go without me (he had eaten there before) and he made me drool over the food descriptions.

According to J, Rataskaevu 16 also has a children's play area, which makes it convenient for families!

Rataskaevu 16, Tallinn, Estonia

Olde Hansa

We also ate at Olde Hansa, which is right in Tallinn's old town square. Now, I wouldn't think that a restaurant on the square would be good, but it really was! The environment was interesting, with staff dressed in medieval clothing and everything lit by candles. It was pretty cool! I ordered fig with lamb and the portion was massive.

Town Hall Square

Pannkoogipubi Kompressor

Pannkoogipubi is a quick cafeteria to order specialty pancakes. The free walking tour guide suggested Pannkoogipubi as a cheap lunch place and she was right. The meat and cheese pancake I had was really filling and delicious.

Rataskaevu 3, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

Pierre Chocolaterie 

Pierre Chocolaterie is a delicious cafe and chocolate house with a beautiful courtyard that I bet would be great in the summertime. The chocolate cake I had was pretty tasty and I've heard that they serve amazing hot chocolate.

Vene 6, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

There are a bunch of other places that I'd like to try in Telliskivi Creative City, so I'll have to plan a return trip to Tallinn soon! Where else would you suggest to eat in Tallinn?


  1. Lendav Taldrik looks so good! I miss Indian food so much!

    1. I do as well! So far it is the only Indian place I've found in the Baltics that I've liked. I miss other sorts of Asian food as well!