Planning for a trip to Puglia, Italy

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Next month, J, Baby ISO, and I are headed on our first international trip of 2017 to the Puglia coast, Italy (the heel of the boot). We scored an impossibly cheap Wizz Air flight direct from Vilnius to Bari, so we jumped on the opportunity to have a bit of winter sun. We have plans to spend a week in a beautiful Airbnb in Bari, Italy with friends, and I know we are all excited for delicious food and relaxation.

BC (before child), J and I visited Milan, Venice, and Cinque Terra, and while two months pregnant and sick with horrible morning sickness, I visited Rome with my parents. I LOVE Italy and can't wait to be back wandering a completely different part of the country.

In preparation for every trip we take, I spend a few hours scouring the web so we'll have a loose idea of what to do upon arrival. On the blog, I like to share these resources that I've found helpful with trip planning in the hopes that they'll be helpful to you, too!

Our first few days will likely be spent wandering Bari, checking out the churches, and visiting the university. The seafront promenade and Basilica both look charming! Bari's old town looks like it is full of winding streets and hole-in-the-wall eateries -- just what we always look for!

Relying on Italy's great train system, we'll probably take a day trip to Monopoli to see the defensive city walls and bell tower.

A day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Alberobello is also definitely a must-do because the white houses with little domed roofs are impressive. The 1,500 trulli (the name for the white, stone homes) are so fascinating and I hope we can enter one. I also have a feeling that Alberobello won't be super crowded because we are visiting in the off-season -- gotta love off-season travel!

Perhaps what I'm most looking forward to from a trip to Puglia is some budget-friendly, amazing Italian food and wine. The Budget Traveler blog has posted a really nice guide to the food of Bari.

Want to read more about our previous visits to Italy? Check out the Italy section of my Destinations Page.

If you have any suggestions for what to do in and around Bari, let me know! I'd love to have some more tips!


  1. I visited the Puglia region when I was very little and it's lovely! I wish you a wonderful trip!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Florence! I also think it is nice to meet people who have traveled when they were young -- especially to hear that you remember a trip!