Date Night: Vilnius, Lithuania

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Probably not unsurprisingly, J and I don't get out for dates much since having a baby. So, when we do go out now, we look for special locations where we can have a wonderful and slightly fancier meal. Maybe you are in the same boat as us, or maybe you are looking to simply enjoy one of Vilnius' top restaurants. Either way, I've got you covered with nine different options.

Here are my top picks:


Gaspar's is a great restaurant for a weekend brunch, afternoon business lunch, or tasty evening meal. I've enjoyed an amazing weekend brunch at Gaspar's and was surprised by how reasonable the prices were.

I also recently went on a date night to Gaspar's for dinner and the food was SO good and the value for money was excellent. For around 50 Euros, including tip, J and I each ordered three courses (an appetizer, main, and dessert), a glass of wine each, and a coffee (just for J). If you've not been to Gaspar's, you have to go because the food is amazing. This meal totally catapulted Gaspar's to the top of my restaurant list and is easily my favorite restaurant in Vilnius.

Gaspar's is pretty small and very popular, so don't forget to call ahead to make a reservation. You can find their phone number and lunch menus on their website.

Really good banana pancakes

Trust me, order the turmeric ice cream dessert

The duck was really good, too

The Town:

 In my opinion, The Town has one of the best steak menus in Vilnius. We've gone to The Town a few times now and I'm always impressed with the wonderful service; the staff are just so helpful and nice, which tends to be a bit rare in Lithuania! Be sure to order sides with your steak (or chicken) as they are really tasty and creative. Side dishes change depending on the season, and each one I've tried (mashed wasabi potatoes, potatoes au gratin) are SO tasty. Order some wine and a dessert to complete your meal!

Apparently I forgot to take a photo of the meal!


I've visited Dublis for lunch twice now.  I was really impressed during my first visit (but not as impressed my second visit), because the food was tasty and unique. I especially liked the dessert options at Dublis and remember the options all being really tasty. Because the menu rotates and can include some ingredients that are a bit unusual for some (e.g., chicken hearts), it is best to check their menu ahead of time.

Bistro 18: 

Bistro 18 is one of my favorite restaurants in Vilnius for a consistently good meal. On Bistro 18's menu, you'll find seasonal soups, delicious salads, steaks and other hearty mains, risotto, and really amazing desserts.

One of my favorite times to go to Bistro 18 is in the spring (approximately early May) when they feature locally grown asparagus in several dishes on the menu. Every asparagus dish I've tried has been absolutely amazing, so if you are in Vilnius in May, it is worth it to check their menu!

Bistro 18 is a really popular restaurant, so I suggest booking a table in advance.

Lauro Lapas

Lauro Lapas serves food with a creative twist on traditional ingredients. It is a great restaurant for a date night and the serve who had the funniest sense of humor was the cherry on top of a great meal.

You can find out more about Lauro Lapas on their website. Don't forget to call and make a reservation beforehand.

Uzupio Klasika

 Uzupio Klasika is a small restaurant located on Uzupio g. 28. While I enjoy their main dishes, their chocolate fondant cake, which takes 15-20 minutes to bake, is what really steals the show. I'm not ashamed to admit that J and I have just gone to Uzupio Klasika to order wine and a chocolate fondant cake!

That being said, I do also like their chicken dishes, and have enjoyed every meal I've had at Uzupio Klasika. While the other six restaurants on this list have some unique or unusual dishes, Uzupio Klasika serves classic Eastern European food, such as stuffed chicken or roasted pork, but the classic dishes are done really well. The interior is also very classically designed with long table cloths and tons of candlesticks providing light.

Sweet Root 

I've only eaten a small dish at Sweet Root during the Vilnius Gastro Walk, but Sweet Root is a really raved about restaurant due to its unique use of ingredients. Perhaps not for picky eaters, Sweet Root creates meals with locally sourced ingredients that are often grown on their own farm.

Find out more about their unique tasting menu and make a reservation on their website.


If you fancy a sweet dessert, I'd suggest stopping off for a date at Sugamour on Vokiecu gatve. Sugamour is a very cute, reasonably large restaurant that has beautiful, if a bit expensive, desserts. When we are short on time, J and I pick up desserts to go from Sugamour to enjoy after Baby ISO's bedtime.

Alaus Biblioteka 

Perhaps you are craving an after dinner drink? Head to my favorite bar in Vilnius, Alaus Biblioteka (Beer Library), which has nearly any beer you could ever want to drink. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and even people who don't like beer can find an option that they'll enjoy. Just ask the staff for suggestions! They also have an amazing cheese and meat plate that you must try as an appetizer to your meal out.

What do you do for date night? What are your favorite restaurants in Vilnius?

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