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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ages ago, when I changed my blog's name to In Search Of, I mentioned that in search ofs are my dad's creation. Typically on Saturday mornings, my dad and I would head out to explore locally, often visiting restaurants and hardware stores. While back in Connecticut over the summer, I convinced my dad to take a Friday off of work and go on an in search of -- the destination and activity was his choice. He chose awesomely, because we spent the day in West Hartford, Connecticut with Baby ISO (and J and my sister) in tow.

If you are visiting West Hartford with a kid, start your day off at the very fun West Hartford's Children's Museum. Baby ISO wasn't quite walking at our time of visit, but there was still a ton for him to do and see. His highlight had to be either the room filled with massive, soft building blocks or the light room with colorful lights that could be rearranged.

The outdoor butterfly exhibit was also really neat, although I wasn't a fan of the indoor animal areas as the environments were not stimulating or natural enough for the animals. One other thing to note is that the prices are pretty expensive, so it is best to keep this in mind when planning your visit. You can find out more about the rates and hours on their website.

After the museum, we walked around West Hartford Center and Blue Black Square, where we ogled the window displays at Crate and Barrel and browsed the Green Teahouse. The Green Teahouse is an awesome shop selling loose leaf tea, teapots from Asia, and tea and bubble tea to go. Learn more on their website.

The most important find of the day was the fabulous cupcake shop called Nora Cupcake, which has a shocking 300 flavors (though not all at the same time). We ordered (if I remember correctly) the Mounds, Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion, and Irish Car Bomb. Because that just wasn't enough sugar, we also ordered an insane "Gangsta Cookie," which is a cookie covered in chocolate and topped with caramel and gold dust. I'm dying to visit Nora Cupcake again, and luckily they have two other outlets in Connecticut and a cupcake truck.

If you want to start planning your trip now, head over to the new ISO Facebook community for budget travel tips and destination guides.

What else would you suggest to do in and around West Hartford?

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