2017 Travel Resolutions and 2016 Reflections

Monday, January 2, 2017

Some people really hate making resolutions each year, but I really enjoy being mindful about setting goals for the year to come. I love turning back to my old posts about travel goals for the New Year and reflecting on where I've visited and what my hopes were for the year.

This year with a baby/toddler in tow, I was able to travel to 10 places (two I visited twice!). My travel highlights of the year had to be the BookaLokal experience in Madrid, our trip to The Netherlands, spending time with my family in Cape May, the amazing food in Warsaw, spending Mommy + son time in Luxembourg, and of course, our multifamily road trip that we took with friends who came to visit us.

So, let's take a look at my goals for 2017 and revisit my goals from past years to see if I've stayed on track.

Travel Goals for 2017


1) Keep traveling! Is it cheating to have the same goal as last year? Traveling with a toddler throws completely different challenges at you than traveling with a baby, so I want to continue to make it a priority that we keep traveling. If you have a child, can I encourage you to also take a trip with them? If you haven't traveled with your child yet and have some reservations, feel free to share in the comments or via email and I'll try to address them (and encourage you) in future posts.

2) Go with the flow. I really like to plan ahead. Like way ahead. But, right now we are going through some changes and planning some new things, so I need to relax a bit and learn to go with the flow. This is really going to be a big one for me :o

3) Blog twice per week and make connections. I've been blogging here on In Search Of for going on 5 years now. I love sharing my travels and photos, but most of all, I love connecting with fellow travelers, expats, and bloggers. I'm hoping to do this more in the New Year by planning and scheduling my posts ahead of time, blogging twice per week, and joining link-ups and Twitter chats regularly.

Travel Goals for 2016


Let's see if I accomplished my goals from last year...

1) Keep traveling with a baby! While it wasn't always easy, J and I continued to travel with Baby ISO and perhaps we managed to travel even more than we had in the past.

2) Minimize our stuff. This was a bit of a challenge because growing babies need a surprising amount of stuff, but I did manage to start selling and donating things that we don't need anymore. I think we still have a long way to go before we pack up our lives and move, so let's say that this is an on-going process!

3) Grow my editing services. This year, I launched a new website for STEM academic editing and have been really enjoying taking on my own clients. Completely unrelated to editing; however, is that I've also started freelance travel writing. This wasn't one of my goals, nor was it something I really thought about, but the rush of seeing my name in a byline has been incredible and has pushed me to pitch to several other online publications. This was completely unexpected and really awesome.

Travel Goals from 2015

Now, let's take a look at the goals I set for myself back in late 2014.

1) Visit Greece. Check! J and I visited Greece in April 2015 and absolutely loved it. Now we need to see more of the country!

2) Get organized. I did a pretty reasonable job of staying organized this year, minus my terribly messy computer desktop. 

3) Get more people involved with #creativelocales and #creativelithuania. Though I don't post #creativelocale posts all that often any more, I do hope to find cool events to share now and again, especially when we are on the move.

  4 of my most popular posts from 2016


10 Fun & Cheap Things to do in Luxembourg City: Luxembourg is a notoriously expensive city, but there are several free and cheap options, so you can enjoy a budget trip!

Travel Guide to Druskininkai, LT: A Popular Resort Town: We took a weekend getaway with several of J's colleagues to Druskininkai, which is in southern Lithuania. I really enjoyed the tiny town, tasty restaurants and cafes, and beautiful parks!

100 Things To Do In Lithuania: I wrote this post for myself, because I needed some local travel inspiration. If you have an extended trip in Lithuania, you can find some great tips for where to visit in this post.

Creative Locale: 2016 Gastro Walk: The Gastro Walk is a cool event that takes place periodically in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipeda. It is hosted by Sustainable Vilnius and they get a ton of awesome restaurants to serve special dishes for one night only. I share the events in my newsletter, so if you are looking to participate, sign up and you'll get a monthly email with events and travel tips.


Next week I'll be back with some posts about planning a great trip to the Baltics as well as sharing a family In Search Of in Connecticut. What are your travel resolutions for 2017? What are you looking forward to this year?


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