Community Discussion: What To Do With Car Seats?

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to have a little discussion because, honestly, I'm stumped. What do you do about a car seat while traveling?

Let me give you some background...

When Baby ISO was younger, he had a car seat that attached to his stroller, so this was no problem until he outgrew this attachment. Over the summer, we switched to a "big boy" car seat (Diono), but it is so large and heavy that it is an incredible hassle to bring with us when we travel. Here are some scenarios we've faced:

  • We ordered a cab with a car seat in Vilnius to take us to the airport for our trip to The Netherlands. Unfortunately, the car arrived without a seat, so we grabbed ours and ended up storing it at the airport for 50 euros. We figured we wouldn't need it in The Netherlands because of the great public transportation. This was almost true until our early flight back to Vilnius from Amsterdam, as we had to leave before the trams started running. So, we took a cab without a car seat (no cabs had car seats), and arrived fine, but I was panicking the entire way.

  • We lugged our car seat with us to Tallinn to find that almost all cabs in Tallinn have car seats (but we needed one for our transport in Vilnius). 

My big complaint is WHY don't cabs have car seats available. It is unsafe and against the law to drive without a child in a car seat in most countries -- except for in cabs.

This leads me to the question, what do you do when traveling? Do you lug a car seat along or do you leave it at home? Do you have some sort of magical car seat carrier that makes it less cumbersome to transport to your accommodation?

I would really appreciate if you'd share what you do in the comments --> help a traveling mom out, I really need the advice!


  1. What an annoying problem to have and one being childfree I had never thought of, I wonder if many taxis do not have careseats as the space they would take up in the trunk but you would think if you ordered on from the company it would be available.

    1. I never thought about the problem until this fall either! I'm so surprised that cab companies don't at least have a few cars available with car seats. It would really help make things easier!