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Monday, December 5, 2016

9 travel essentials for traveling with a child

J, Baby ISO, and I travel a fair amount. With all of this traveling, I've certainly had my fair share of mishaps -- luggage wheels breaking, packing incidents, lost luggage, and electric outlet sparks. However, these troubles have been becoming less and less frequent because I've found my favorite travel items, or shall we say my new travel essentials.

I also realize it is Christmas list and shopping time, but I didn't feel like doing a traditional shopping list as everyone is so different to buy for. I thought that this list of my essentials could act in the stead of the Christmas list and hopefully help you to avoid packing mishaps.

Le Sportsac Luggage*: I've taken my Le Sportsac luggage to nearly 30 countries now, and it is still in perfect condition. I'd highly recommend their luggage for durability and ease to find on the luggage conveyor.

Eagle Creek Pack It Cube Set*: Eagle Creek packing cubes and envelopes are awesome! The packing envelope keeps all of your nicer looking clothes carefully folded, while the cubes are great for keeping smaller items like baby clothes. I'm currently thinking about buying two additional medium sized cubes are currently on my shopping list. I think they would be great to keep Baby ISO's clothes organized and separate from my own.

Stroller: If you have a young child, I'm sure that strollers are also a travel essential for you. We have a Baby Trend stroller, but I wouldn't say I recommend it, because pieces broke off shortly after we purchased it; however, it is great in the snow and on cobblestones. What stroller do you have?

BOB Weather Shield for Strollers: Though I wouldn't necessarily recommend our stroller, I would recommend the weather shield we use. It is slightly too short for our huge Baby Trend, but it does fit, and is excellent at keeping Baby ISO dry during even the worst weather. Though Bob products are really expensive, being able to be outside in bad weather is pretty essential for us since we mostly get around on foot (and it rains/snows a lot in the Baltics). I'd like to also note that we did try a cheaper weather shield (it was only 5 euros), but it wasn't secure and it broke soon after we purchased it. All in all, I'd say that spending the extra money on the Bob Weather Shield was really worth it.

Car Seat: The thing I do love about our Baby Trend stroller is that the car seat attached to the stroller, which made it great for traveling. Now that Baby ISO is too big for the infant car seat, we use one by Diono, but it is very heavy and bulky (and also the safest on the market), making it difficult to travel with. I'm actually still trying to figure the car seat + traveling situation out.

Skip Hop Portable Changing Station*: Clearly, this didn't become an essential until having a baby. I've found that the vast majority of restaurants and cafes don't have changing tables and instead of putting Baby ISO on the gross bathroom floor, I just open up this changing pad. I honestly don't go anywhere without it.

Travel Adapter, Worldwide*: Don't be caught with drained batteries because you forgot to pack an adapter -- or even worse -- pack a not universal adapter and travel to somewhere it doesn't work! This universal travel adapter (I have it in white) is seriously awesome. Mine is always connected to my laptop plug.

Headlamp*: This one might sound funny, but stay with me here. Head lamps make my list of favorites because they are essential for adventure travel, but also really helpful when moving around a dark accommodation while trying not to wake up Baby ISO. They are also small and easy to pack. I use one of J's head lamps.

Umbrella: During my time spent living in China, I got in the habit of carrying an umbrella everywhere. This was a good habit since it rains and snows a lot in Vilnius. Now, I just throw an umbrella in my bag or luggage every time we travel, just in case.

If you want to read more about my travel favorites, check out this post from 2014, which I wrote while preparing for a honeymoon in China. What are your travel essentials and favorite items to pack?


  1. We have a Graco stroller (that works with the ClickConnect system for infant car seats) and love it... for the U.S. The wheels are not big so it did not work very well on the cobblestones of Europe. Thankfully, we were able to borrow a stroller from someone there, and the wider, bigger wheels made walking over cobblestones much easier!

    1. Wide wheels are essential for cobblestones, I think! That is nice you were able to borrow a stroller during your trip, otherwise pushing a small wheeled stroller can really slow things down. Is your baby still happy to sit in a stroller for longer periods of time?