Travel Month: November 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016



November has been quite a busy month, so much so that I didn't really take out my camera! This month was mostly spent hunkered down inside cafes, the library, or at my desk at home, so I didn't get out to enjoy Vilnius all that much.

As a little escape from Vilnius, I took a few day getaway to Tallinn, Estonia to enjoy the Christmas market, which I'll be writing about soon. Tallinn is such a cute city, so it is nice to be so nearby to be able to take a three day trip. In December, I'll write more about Tallinn and its Christmas festivities.




Lately, I've been very into podcasts. I find them great to listen to while I'm playing with my son and they help me to stimulate my brain, which I find one of the biggest challenges being a stay at home mom and freelancer. I'm currently loving the Glamour Magazine podcast, the AMNH podcast, and the Problogger podcast. Are there any podcasts that you recommend?

I'm also stuck in a major cooking rut, which at the moment is making me want to eat out all the time. While that isn't feasible, there are several new (to me) restaurant in Vilnius that I hope to eat at over the winter. I'm also looking forward to being in Connecticut next month and hope to try out a restaurant or two while I'm back. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments :)



From now until Chinese New Year is always a busy time for me with freelance editing. I love that I can expect this uptick in work in the winter.

In addition to editing, I've sought out several freelance travel writing opportunities to make a few extra dollars. It has been really fun reading different sources about travel writing and perusing articles in so many different styles. I've found that the Writer's Market book (I have the 2015 edition) has unexpectedly good information about writing pitches and possible places to submit work. If you freelance write, what other sources do you suggest?

This month, I've had my travel writing published on a Inside Himalayas and Trip101:

8 Tibetan Foods You Must Try
Fenix Food Factory: A Unique Taste of Rotterdam
A Cool Hotel In A Great Location: Wellton Centrum, Riga
An Artistic Tour of Amsterdam with BonAppetour
Your Guide to Biking the Xi'an City Wall 
Day Trip from Vilnius: Rumsiskes, the Open Air Museum of Lithuania


Thanks, J for the great photo!


Coming Next Month


Coming on In Search Of, I have a couple of big articles planned. First up will be a big article about Amsterdam. I'm also planning on writing about the Christmas market in Tallinn, so stay tuned for those. If there is anything you want to read about in specific, do let me know!

Regarding travel next month, we are headed back to Connecticut for two weeks of family time. I'm really looking forward to hanging out with family, eating delicious food, and taking some time to rest. I'm also really looking forward to pie -- got that, mom? ;)

Recent Posts


My favorite post from this month has to be the interview I did with Yan about his street art project #1guerilla. It was really kind of him to share his photos, writing, and time! I'm also really pleased with how this giant post about Rotterdam turned out. I'm hoping that all of the tips and information will be helpful if you go to Rotterdam either as a family, couple,  or solo.

This Time Last Year


Can you believe that I've published almost 500 articles on In Search Of? That seems like a huge amount of articles to me! Because my archives are extensive, I decided to start sharing my favorite posts from this time last year.

In November 2016, I wrote a cultural post about experiencing All Saint's Day in Lithuania, a creative post about Little Free Libraries, and a travel post about Klaipeda, Lithuania. Feel free to check my sidebar and have a rummage around in my archives to find what you are looking for :)

What are your plans for December? Are you getting excited for the holidays? Where are you spending Christmas?


  1. I can't wait for your upcoming posts!

  2. How cool that you've been in Vilnius and are now in Tallinn! I haven't come across any blogs from those areas, but I used to work for a travel agency in Washington that specialized in Russia, Scandinavia, and the Baltics. I've written many articles about each place! :) I'm actually going home (to Wisconsin) for Christmas this year and looking forward to it!

    1. Have fun in Wisconsin for Christmas! I used to live in Madison and had a great time while I was there. That is really neat that you wrote a lot about Russia, Scandinavia, and the Baltics -- I also don't know many bloggers from this area, but it is nice to connect with someone who knows the area!