Video Tour of 11 Things To Do In Vilnius, Lithuania

Monday, October 24, 2016

With the recent updates around In Search Of, I'm finally able to have the time to produce some exciting content that I've been mulling over for quite a while. The first of which was the ultra-nerdy post about Lithuanian naming and botany. The next is a little video tour showing you 11 things I enjoy doing in Vilnius' city center.

I felt incredibly awkward filming around the city I live in. Does anyone else have this problem? Luckily, I filmed anyways, but really attempted to be discreet (although that is hard using a camera!).


I hope you enjoy! And if you'd like to see more video content, please let me know in the comments below :)

Places mentioned or shown in the video: 

1) Town Hall Square

 Town Hall Square (Rotuse) is one of the several nice squares in Vilnius and is a great place to hang out. It is especially nice in the summer, as you can grab a seat and have a drink or a meal. You also can join the free walking tour from the steps of the Town Hall Square, which I really recommend.

2) Vokieciu g.

Vokieciu gatve is a tree-lined walking street flanked with numerous cafes, bakeries, and high-end shops. I'm pretty sure there are around 10 cafes on this one short street, so if you are looking for a coffee, head to Vokieciu for an abundance of choices. My top picks on Vokieciu are Holy Donuts (great doughnuts), Second Cup Coffee (large cups of black coffee), Huricane Coffee (opens early on the weekends!), and Theobromine Chocolatier, which technically on a side street, but close enough.

3) Literatu g.

Literatu gatve is a nice, tiny street with plaques commemorating Lithuanian authors. The plaques are all very creative, making it a nice street to meander.

4) Senamiesco Kratuve

On Literatu g. you'll find the natural food store, Senamiesco Kratuve. Along with organic, locally grown produce, you can purchase food-based gifts including honey and jam teas, chocolate, and cakes.

5) Bernardine Park

I spend a lot of time in Bernardine Park. It is just a really great park to play with kids, read a book, or stroll with a coffee in hand.

6) St. Anne's Church

In my opinion, St. Anne and Bernardine's Church Complex is the prettiest church in Vilnius. The red brick exterior is intricate and the vaulted ceilings inside the church are stunning. I think it is a must-see.

7) Hill of Three Crosses

I sometimes forget it, but Vilnius is prettiest from above. The terracotta roof tiles are a really different sight compared to what I'd see in the US. The Hill of Three Crosses is a great little hike that will reward you with views of both the old town and the new town.

8) Strange Love Cafe

Of course I had to mention another cafe; Vilnius is brilliant for cafes. Strange Love is a really cute cafe with great outdoor seating, coffee that they've roasted themselves, and nice cakes. They also open early for breakfast and serve a light lunch. They are also located right next to one of the entrances of Bernardine Park, so I like to stop here for a coffee before the park.

9) Tiny streets, delicious restaurants

The food scene has really changed over the around 3.5 years I've lived in Vilnius. Now, tucked away in neat little corners of the city, you can find great restaurants. In the video, I've showed a snippet of a new ramen place called Ramen and Sticks.

10) Waterfront

This past summer, Vilnius has really been working on improving their waterfront, and now it is very nice to go for a walk along the Neris River.

11) Palace of Sports and Concerts

From the walkways along the Neris River, you can see numerous sites including the derelict Palace of Sports and Concerts. This cool building is work a walk around.


  What are your favorite things to do where you live?

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Credit for hand drawn icons in video: Freepik Flaticon --> really awesome, check it out!


  1. Vilnius seems so gorgeous! I'm sure I'll be visiting sooner or later - flights to the Baltics are relatively cheap from Tromso :)

    1. What airline could you take from Tromso? I'd love to visit Tromso as well :) If you do make it to the Baltics, let me know!