Baltics Bucket List

Monday, October 10, 2016

If you can believe it, I am on year four of living in Lithuania. Who knows where the next years will take me, so in order to take advantage of living in Eastern Europe, I've decided to make a list of remaining things I'd like to do and see. J did the same, and here I've combined our lists. I thought I'd share this because Vilnius is a great starting point for travel in the Baltics, and you may want to do your own extensive trip in the region.

Realistically, I know we won't be able to do everything on our combined list, so I've split the list into what we'll hopefully do and what we probably won't have the time (or money) to do.


  • Tallinn Christmas markets and festivities 
  • See one or several of the forts near Kaunas (the 9th Fort is particularly interesting looking)
  • Visit the Vilnius University Botanical Garden during rhododendron flowering season
  • Learn to make gyrabai and kibinai (and buy the pan to make gyrabai)
  • Take a day or weekend trip to somewhere new in Lithuania
  • Visit the Bee-keeping Museum
  • Enjoy a long weekend in Riga

Unlikely, but Possible

  • Wander Parnu, Estonia
  • Take a Jewish tour
  • Visit Saaremaa Island, Estonia (we were meant to visit over the summer, but poor Baby ISO got very ill)
  • Go swimming in the Baltic Sea
  • Take a hot air balloon ride over Vilnius

Do you have a bucket list for where you live? Is it always growing like mine is?


  1. I would like to see Talinn also - I didn't know it was known for its Christmas markets! That is good to know. On the Scandinavian side of the Baltic Sea - they swim in the sea all year round! It's brisk - but they say it helps circulation - I've tried it this fall, but not mid-winter yet! BRRRRRRrrrr... Hej hej from Copenhagen! Erin

    1. I've been to Tallinn twice now and it is a really wonderful little city. I'm now dying to go to see it decked out in Christmas markets and decorations. If it is easy to get from Copenhagen to Tallinn (I'm sure there must be flights), you should book a trip! It really is fun. How was your swim in the Baltic Sea? I've done swims in the winter before, but always have access to a heated car and hot shower right away after. I'm not so sure about doing it without that, but I would believe that it helps circulation!

  2. I have not swam in the Baltic which is a shame since I lived on it for three years! I have swam in the North Sea though!

    1. We really should get our act together and go for a swim in the Baltic Sea! That is cool that you've enjoyed the waters of the North Sea. Was it cold?