100 Things To Do In Lithuania

Friday, September 9, 2016

Lithuania, my current adopted home! Each year I live in Vilnius, I learn more about what to do and see in this compact, yet very interesting country. Because of this, I've decided to make a monstrous list of 100 things to do in Lithuania, as my current Lithuania Bucket List really isn't cutting it any more. I've broken this post into sections based upon the 10 counties in Lithuania.

On my list for the next several months are the Kernave Mounds, Rumsiskes Open Air Museum, and the Beekeeping Museum. How about you?

Vilnius County

1. Museum of Genocide Victims, Vilnius
2. Vytautas Kausiulis Museum, Vilnius
3. Uzupis Republic, Vilnius
4. Gediminas Tower, Vilnius
5. Hill of Three Crosses, Vilnius
6. Old Town, Vilnius
7. Vingis Park, Vilnius
8. Bernardine Park, Vilnius
9. St. Anne and Bernardine Church Complex, Vilnius
10. Coffee Tasting (November), Vilnius
11. Trakai Castle, Trakai
12. Tartar museum, houses, and mosque, Trakai
13. Kayaking on the Neris, Vilnius
14. Kernave Mounds, Kernave
15. 14th century castle in Medininkai, Medininkai
16. Climb, Aukstojs Hill, the tallest hill in Lithuania, Medininkai
17. Vilnius University Botanical Gardens, Vilnius
18. Vilnius University, Vilnius
19. Palace of Sports and Concerts, Vilnius
20. Hales Market, Vilnius
21. Balloon ride, Vilnius
22. See a play, ballet, or opera (the prices are great and their are children's options), Vilnius
23. Europa Park, Vilnius
24. Street art self-guided tour, Vilnius
25. Soviet Walking Tour, Vilnius
26. Free Alternative Walking Tour, Vilnius
27. Gates of Dawn, Vilnius
28. Vilnius Television Tower, Vilnius
29. Climb Juozapine Hill, the second tallest hill in Lithuania, Medininkai
30. Enjoy a festival on Gedimino pr., Vilnius
31. Crypt tour in Vilnius Cathedral, Vilnius
32. Bernardine Cemetery, Vilnius
33. Synagogue on Pylimo g., Vilnius
34. Walkways along the Neris River, Vilnius
35. Jewish History Tour
36. Taste Lithuanian food (all over Lithuania, but my suggestions are Pinavija Cafe and Aline Leiciai)

Kaunas County

37. Old Town, Kaunas
38. 9th Fort, Kaunas
39. Devil's Museum, Kaunas
40. Rumsiskes Open Air Museum, Rumsiskes
41. Walk Laisves Al., Kaunas
42. View the St. Michael the Archangel Church, Kaunas
43. Kaunas Castle, Kaunas
44. Enjoy the park at the confluence of Nemunis and Neris Rivers, Kaunas
45. Ride on the two funiculars, Kaunas
46. Pazaislis Monastery, Kaunas

Alytus County

47. Druskininkai spas, Druskininkai
48. Vilniaus Al., Druskininkai
49. Druskininkai Water Park, Druskininkai
50. Grutas Park, Druskininkai
51. Blue Orthodox Church, Druskininkai
52. Dzukija National Park, Dzukija
53. Ride on the funicular, Druskininkai
54. Vijuneles Park with its monuments, cemetery, and lakes, Druskininkai

Klaipeda County

55. Klaipeda Old Town, Klaipeda
56. Nida, Curonian Spit (Neringa)
57. Juodokrante, Curonian Spit (Neringa)
58. Enjoy Palanga resorts and beaches, Palanga
59. Palanga Bridge -- a walkway into the sea, Palanga
60. Hill of Witches, Curonian Spit (Neringa)
61. Dunes, Curonian Spit (Neringa)
62. Kretinga Manor, Kretinga
63. See the border shared between Kaliningrad (Russia) and Lithuania, Curonian Spit (Neringa)
64. Swim in the Baltic Sea, Curonian Spit (Neringa)
65. Palanga Manor, Palanga
66. Ghost statue, Klaipeda
67. Swinging, hand-cranked pedestrian bridge, Klaipeda
68. Street art, Klaipeda
69. Sculpture Park, Klaipeda
70. Walk along the Dane River, Klaipeda
71. Cormorant colony, Curonian Spit (Neringa)
72. Klaipeda University, Klaipeda (Neringa)
73. Jono Basanavicius walking street, Palanga
74. Palanga Botanical Garden, Palanga
75. Maritime Museum, Smiltyne, Curonian Spit
76. Fisherman's Farmstead Museum, Nida, Curonian Spit (Neringa)
77. Old Cemetery, Nida, Curonian Spit (Neringa)

Panevezys County

78. Birzai Castle, Birzai
79. Kedainiai Old Town from the 19th century, Kedainiai
80. Smilgiai Church of St. George and Belfry, wooden church built in 1873, Smilgiai
81. Ukmerge Castle Mound, Ukmerge

Siauliai County

82. Hill of Crosses, Siauliai
83. Vilniaus gatve, Siauliai
84. Church of Peter and Paul, Siauliai
85. Seduva Windmill, Seduva

Utena County

86. Lake Dauniskis, Utena
87. Rent a lake house, Utena
88. Treetop walkway, Anyksciai
89. Museum of Ancient Beekeeping, Stripeikiai
90. Aukstaitija National Park, Aukstaitija
91. Uzpaliai, Lithuanian settlement with redbrick churches and buildings
92. Bikuskis Manor
93. 9 lakes of Moletai
94. Dubingiai Castle Mound, where Vytautas the Great had a wooden castle, Dubingiai

Telsiai County

95. The capital of Samogita (a unique cultural area), Telsiai
96. Wooden old town in Telsiai
97. Oginskiai Manor, Plunge
98. Samogita National Park

Taurage County & Marjampole County

99. Raudone Castle
100. Panemune Castle

Do you want to visit Lithuania now? What catches your eye on this list? Where have you been? Where are you hoping to go?


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    1. I almost think it was a bad decision to write such a long list because now there are so many more places I'd like to go.

  2. Very Nice post, I love Lithuania as well, great country.


    1. Thanks a lot, Jeremy. What is your favorite place in Lithuania?