Awesome Street Art in Richmond, VA

Friday, August 26, 2016

Other than the food, street art was a major highlight of my visit to Richmond, Virginia. There were really two hot spots for seeing street art in Richmond: Uptown and the Canal Walk. Just strolling along West Main street in Uptown, we saw numerous pieces of gorgeous street art adorning many corner buildings. In the Canal Walk, there was a huge gallery displaying giant works of street art.

While we were visiting Richmond, local artists were also creating street art to increase awareness surrounding dumping things into sewers that may drain directly into the James River. While I didn't get any photos of those pieces, I found them incredibly informative, while still being eye-catching. What a great combination and mission!

The smoking brain and woman in a strawberry jam jar were my favorite pieces. What are yours? Would you like to live in a house or apartment adorned with a gorgeous mural? I certainly would!